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Marvel vs. DC: Where’s the Justice?

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Comic books movies are big business.

Like the Hulk smashing through downtown New York comic book movies these days are breaking box office records with reckless abandon. Disney’s Avengers: Age of Ultron opened with the second highest box office weekend ever of $191,121,109, behind only it’s predecessor Marvel’s The Avengers which brought in $207,438,708 and slightly ahead of Iron Man 3 at $174,144,585. Just three years ago that record for 2nd biggest opening ever was held by another comic book movie, Warner Brother’s The Dark Knight Rises which brought in a then record haul of $160,887,295 in 2012. With these numbers why would super villains even need to rob a bank anymore? The real money these days is in the theaters not in a safe.

But not all superhero properties are created equal.

Right now there is no dispute that Marvel Studios is killing it when it comes to the development of their cinematic universe (the Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU) Last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy was, for a time, the highest grossing film of 2014. Not an easy feat for a 3rd tier property centered around a talking tree and space raccoon. After Age of Ultron Marvel has another risky film nearing release with “little” known Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd. However, with Marvel’s recent trend of hits on it’s hand the only unknown risk from Ant-Man it seems would be how many times it makes it’s budget back.

If you want to talk about risk then look no further than the DCU (DC Cinematic Universe). Technically with only one movie within the the universe, 2013′ Man of Steel, the DCU is still in it’s infancy. In an attempt to catch up to Marvel’s huge lead and head start executives over at Warner Brothers (owner of DC comics) announced a full slate of 10 movies to spin out of Man of Steel. Batman v Superman will be their next release in 2016 with a Suicide Squad film to release later in the year.

But with the Batman v Superman trailer earning mixed fan reaction and a recent release of the full cast photo from “Suicide Squad” causing some concern, it seems like the perfect time to examine why DC and their effort to create an epic cinematic universe, is already on extremely shaky ground. What follows are five huge disappointing mistakes that DC has already made in regards to their films as opposed to Disney’s Marvel.

15 Movies That Turn 15 in 2015

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It’s hard to believe that Y2K was fifteen years ago, yet here we are. The years since have been filled with some great cinematic wonders, but today we focus on 15 films that were released 15 years ago in the year 2000. There is no order or preference, just a reminder of some films you may have forgotten from the turn of the century. Enjoy and if you have a favorite movie from 2000 that’s not on the list, be sure to mention it in the comments below!

6 Rather Unimpressive Films That Should Be Remade


Hollywood nowadays has a tendency to take any mediocre hit from the 70’s or 80’s and reboot it for a new generation, in what are obvious cash grabs. The usual formula follows taking what most consider to be an enjoyable film and turning it into a laughable mess of try hard comedy and special effects. Or turning a campy horror film into a gorefest. For instance, Sam Raimi’s ‘The Evil Dead‘ revolutionized the horror-comedy genre, while maintaining a sense of fear throughout. In it’s remake though, the film went in a much bloodier, and grotesque version of a fantastic story. Still enjoyable to some, but for others, very disappointing. Here are five films that weren’t all too great in the first place, that with a new age in film, could easily be remade into blockbusters.