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Wonder Woman’s Evolution Through The Ages

Wonder Woman’s Evolution Through The Ages

With the long awaited Batman vs. Superman coming out in theaters soon it’s easy to forget the film also gives us our first big screen look at a certain special Amazon warrior. Unfortunately, “Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman” isn’t the catchiest of titles.

Now that, Princess Diana finally getting her modern big screen debut, it’s interesting to take a look back at the character’s evolution through the years. Especially considering how drastically woman’s roles have changed throughout society since Wonder Woman’s debut back in 1941.

What’s your favorite version of Wonder Woman?

The Evolution of Wonder Woman
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10 Obscure Star Wars Facts

10 Obscure Star Wars Facts Even Hardcore Fans Don’t Know

The only thing people may love more than Star Wars is talking about how much they love Star Wars.

Especially when it comes to true Star Wars fanboys (and fangirls) who can become engaged in a verbal lightsaber measuring contest for hours to figure out who the biggest fan is. Original Trilogy, Prequels, Expanded Universe, it’s all fair game when once’s nerd credentials have been challenged.

Because Star Wars is so popular, most everybody knows a lot about the films already. That Darth Vader wasn’t originally supposed to be Luke’s dad until Empire Strikes Back was written. That Lando and the Millennium Falcon were never supposed to have made it out of the 2nd Death Star alive. Or that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fischer were cast because they had the good fortune of test screening with Harrison Ford. Even though most of the public may not know these facts, it’s a safe wager that for most hardcore Star Wars fans these would all be old news.

So let’s throw out everything even a scruffy nerfherder would know and discover 10 obscure Star Wars facts even hardcore fans would be surprised to know.

How many do you think you’ll know?


10. The Second Death Star was HUGE!

The first Death Star was nothing to sneeze at. Conceived as the ultimate battlestation, it was designed to bring terror to the galaxy and to crush entire star systems under  the jack boot of the Empire. And it’s worth noting it’s still the only one to ever get a planet on it’s scoresheet when Grand Moff Tarkin of so casually wiped Alderaan off the space charts as if he was shooing a fly in A New Hope. (in the movies at least)

No doubt, the first Death Star was big. So big in fact that, Han Solo first thought it was a moon upon his first glance of it.

But compared to the second Death Star, the first is a small party favor or a small children’s toy.

According to the wookieepedia entry for the Death Star (the Star Wars version of wikipedia) the first Death Star clocks in with a diameter of 160 kilometers. Pretty impressive. Most impressive actually.

That is until you compare it to the second Death Star which was built was a diameter of 900 kilometers! That’s 460% bigger than the original! That’s mind bogglingly massive!

And yet, still insignificant when compared to the power of the Force.

Did you know? In 2012 a petition to the White House was submitted asking for the construction of a Death Star as a form of economic stimulus. As the petition received over 250,000 signatures it was required to receive an official response. In 2013 he White House formally rejected the proposal citing an excessive cost of 852 quadtrillion dollars and an estimated 833,000 years to complete!

Every Limb Ever Lost In Star Wars

Every Limb Ever Lost in Star Wars Infographic

Lightsabers are a dangerous thing. Able to cut through droids, hack off limbs and melt through security doors like a hot knife through butter. It’s no surprise then that the Star Wars films are a graveyard full of severed arms and heads from the unfortunate victims who met the business end of a lightsaber.

Here is a great infographic that shows every limb ever lost in Star Wars.

 Star Wars Limb Loss Infographic
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Star Wars Planets Infographic

A Long Time Ago in A Galaxy Far Far Away: Star Wars Planets

The Star Wars Galaxy is a big place that stretches for over 120,000 light years and consists of over 180 billion star systems each full of their planets.

However not all planets are created equal as some keep appearing the Star Wars movies over and over again. Here is a handy infographic detailing some of the more important planets in the Star Wars universe.

The Galaxy Far, Far Away: A Tour of the Star Wars Universe
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The Evolution of Jason Voorhees (Infographic)

The Evolution of Jason Voorhees

The Friday the 13th movies are a horror movie staple. Apparently, there’s a timeless appeal to watching a hockey masked killer cut through young campers like a sickle cuts a swath through wheat.

Not bad considering Jason first appeared on movie screens 35 years ago, waaaay back in 1980. The big guy has changed a lot since then, though his basic look hasn’t changed too much, hockey masks are always in fashion.

What’s your favorite Friday the 13th movie? Which version of Jason do you think is the scariest or most menacing? Leave a message in the comments below to share your thoughts!

Thanks to for the super cool infographic!

 The Evolution of Jason Voorhees
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Favorite Horror Movie Girls (Infographic)

Favorite Horror Movie Girls

Horror movie girls. Scream Queens. Damsels in distress.

Horror movies just wouldn’t be the same if your psycho ax wielding killer kept ruthlessly pursuing boys. Horror movie girls are a genre staple and ultimately the villain’s Achilles heel. Killing the school jock? Easy. Disposing of law enforcement? No problem. But killing that final horror movie girl is always an almost impossible task as those pesky girls always seem to find a way to escape or turn the tables on the killer at the last moment.

Take a look at our favorite horror movie girls who got away. An awesome infographic, courtesy of

Is your favorite scream queen missing from the list? Then feel free to add her in the comments below!


The Best Movie Gangsters (Infographic)

gangster movies

The Best Movie Gangsters (Infographic)

Everybody loves a good gangster movie. And everybody loves a good gangster.

Actors love gangster movies too, as it gives them a chance to portray memorable larger than life characters that can often end up as box office gold. Johnny Depp’s recent film, Black Mass happens to be the latest in a long line of gangster films to grace the silver screen in recent years.

From Al Capone to Bugsy Siegal, to Babyface Nelson these are some of the best movie gangsters ever portrayed thanks to the fine folks over at

Who’s your favorite movie gangster? Did they make the list? If not make a case for your favorite career criminal in the comments section below.

Ultimate Facts: Paranormal Activity Films

Paranormal activity poster1

Ultimate Facts: Paranormal Activity

– Paranormal Activity was released on September 25, 2009.

– Runtime: 86 minutes.

– Produced by Blumhouse Productions.

– Written and directed by Oren Peli.

– Paranormal Activity is Oren Peli‘s directorial debut.

– With a budget of 15,000 Paranormal Activity made 193.4 million dollars at the box office.

– Paranormal Activity is the the second most profitable film ever made based on a return of investment. The most profitable is The Blair Witch Project which cost $22,000 and made $240.5 Million)Paramount bought the domestic distribution rights for the film and any sequels for $300,000.

Paranormal activity katie and micah

– Paranormal Activity stars Katie Featherston as Katie and Micah Sloat as Micah.

– Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat were reportedly paid just US$500 each for their performances. But due to the success of the film, the director, Katie and Micah are now renegotiating the amount.

– For the films’ premiere Katie and Micah purposely stayed away from the screening to lead credence to the fact they were supposed to be dead.

paranormal-activity katie

– Katie Featherston is the only actress to appear in all of the films in the series.

– The actors weren’t given scripts but were instead given guidelines on how to behave or what to discuss in their scenes.

Paranormal activity gif

– The film has three alternate endings.

– In the original ending Katie returns the bedroom in a bloody trance holding the knife she kills Micah with. A neighbors discovers Micah’s body and calls the cops who arrive and shine a light on Katie. She comes at them and a started cop shoots her dead.

– In the 2nd version Katie returns to face the camera after killing Micah and slits her throat.

– The 3rd ending had Katie beating Micah to death his his camera, all from the camera’s point of view. It was proposed but never shot.

– Steven Spielberg had to stop watching the film halfway through on a home screener as he was genuinely spooked by the experience. While watching the film all the doors in his bedroom supposedly locked for no reason. He completed the film  the next day and loved it, but brought the DVD to work in a paper bag as he thought it was haunted.

– The original ending was changed at the suggestion of Steven Spielberg.

– During the first test screenings, people started leaving the theater. Originally the crew thought this was because the film wasn’t going over very well with its audience, only to discover that people left the auditorium because they couldn’t handle the intensity of the piece.


– The entire movie was filmed in director Oren Peli‘s own home.

– To get his house ready for filming Oren Peli spent a year redecorating his house. The walls were originally stark white in every room and there was no railing to the staircase.

– Oren Peli got the idea for the movie from a personal experience. Late at night he was sleeping and a box of detergent fell off the shelf. The box was pushed too far back for it to just tilt and fall.

– Oren Peli shot the entire film with a home digital camera.


– All the crew had to wear black clothes at all times so that no colored reflections would show up on the walls or wooden floors.

– Micah Sloat had some filming experience as a cameramen back in college. Director Oren Peli often had to tell Micah to do a worse job filming as his shots looked too professional.

– Because of the cramped filming conditions many of the bumps in the night had to be added post production forcing the actors to react to imaginary sounds while filming. Paranormal Activity was filmed in just 10 days.

– The film was shot in 2006 but did not make into theaters until three years after.


– Dreamworks wanted to remake the movie with a bigger budget and better known actors rather than release the film as it was and use the original as a DVD extra.

– All the special effects were practically done in-camera, enhanced by director Oren Pelion his PC.

– Paranormal Activity contains no opening or closing credits.

– Oren Peli bought the Ouija board used in the film at his local Costco.

– The book Micah consults is a 1971 trade paperback from Dover Publications titled “Picture Book of Devils, Demons and Witchcraft“, by Ernst and Johanna Lehner.


– The role of Dr. Johann Averies was cast with a real Paranormal Investigator from the Independent Investigations Group, Spencer Marks. The role was shot to help explain certain anomalies in the film. The role was predominantly mentioned in the movie, but the footage never used.

– Paramount Studios utilized paranormal researcher, Christopher Chacon, who is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on paranormal phenomena, to promote and publicize the film. Chacon also works in the entertainment industry as a writer, director and producer.


– Survivor runner-up Katie Gallagher was originally cast to play the role of Katie, but was laid off because Oren Peli decided she was too “well-known” to keep the film as real as possible. Coincidentally, both Katie Gallagher and Katie Featherston have the same name as each other, and the main character.

– The death metal band on the television in the first shot of the film is Disgorge, from San Diego, performing their song “Consume the Forsaken“.

– Body Count: 1 (Micah)