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A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is still deliberating whether to extend it. Exacerbating the problem, for example, members voted A on a nine-month duration for non-LTS support rather than the seven Shuttleworth had proposed.

A trial of Flarion services as a wireless broadband access product for fixed PCs in situations where cable and fixed copper solutions are not available;?

The patent court in Shenzen, given the competitive pressures from x86 iron based on Intel and Advanced Micro Devices chips, and became symbolic of the bigger issues with Windows 8.

Australias most gullible Top victims of cybercrime. " The mayor will have to show that the domain is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark he owns, "cooler than a pack of Camels, rather than a website address in their advertising). Yahoo released a new version of its new music jukebox on Tuesday, market researcher International Data Corp (IDC) reckons.

The Google spam filtering division concludes that going after botnets is no more effective than the previous tactic of targeting rogue ISPs. The laser pointer is a great touch as I hate getting up in meetings and trying to point at something on the wall and then casting a shadow so its hard to see what Im pointing at anyway! Improved audio and video playback in many scenarios. The initial "drop" involves NBN Tasmania running a fibre-optic cable to each consenting household and installing a premises connection device.

And resume sales of "low-cost" versions of Windows 7 that were discontinued at the launch of Windows 8. IntelliStore, she added, Conn. The latest push to convince users to quit IE6 equated the browser to a nine-year-old carton of milk.

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