Movies and The Video Games They Inspire

Why Watch a Movie When You Can Play It?

Movies are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. They are watched every day by millions of people all over the the world who want to experience an engaging and fun story that are often based on books, comics and even video games. Sometimes, the adaption can work the other way and games can be created that are based on movies.

Some genres lend themselves best to gaming adaptions. Action movies are full of thrills and suspense, fast-paced drama and exciting scenes. Sci-fi and fantasy movies have unique settings, interesting characters, visual appeal and magic that you cannot experience in this world.

Wanting to be in a film or a part of it is something we’ve all felt. Luckily, that’s what video games are for. With a PC or console you can easily jump into any action-heavy film. Lord of the Rings, James Bond, Ghostbusters, Aliens, Predator and Star Wars are just some of the franchises with multiple games based on them. It’s common to see a game released alongside a major adventure action film as it is an easy tie-in. While not always of the greatest quality, movie-based video games let people of any age become their favorite film character and experience the adventure and challenges their way.


Before video games, it was common to see major movies turned into pinball machines. This has evolved over time and now your favorite games will include familiar films and their characters.

Much was made of the Arkham Knight game for the PS4 last year, but The Dark Knight Rises is just one example of a movie gaming title at Royal Vegas Casino that provides a range of slots based on existing movie franchises with others including Jurassic Park and Terminator.

Adding popular movie series’ motifs to casino games attracts people acquainted with the movies, as the game becomes so more exhilarating if you aren’t just winning money, but saving Gotham City or escaping a Terminator.


Board games based of popular movies aren’t a new idea and odds are if you can name a high- grossing action, sci-fi or fantasy film, it’s has board game based on it. Escape from New York, Dune, A Bridge Too Far, Blade Runner, Jaws, Scream and Star Wars are just a few of the examples. And the boardgame titan Monopoly has made significant adaptations of many movie themes in its acclaimed series of games.


Whatever your favorite adventure film is, it can be experienced with Monopoly’s adaptions of popular movies, EA’s Star Wars games or Royal Vegas Casino’s licensed slots So there has certainly never been more ways of enjoying a film without having ever seen it!


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