Captain America 3 will start Marvel’s Civil War

Wow. Wow. Wow. Just ….wow.

That’s all I can say when news leaked yesterday from a report in Variety that Tony Stark, ahem, excuse me, Robert Downey Jr. was set to join the production of Captain America 3. If that wasn’t enough of a bombshell the rumored story-line is set to revolve around Marvel’s Civil War.


Civil War.

Only the greediest fanboys at the time of Iron Man’s 2008 release ever imagined we’d get an Avengers movie of the caliber delivered after they saw Nick Fury appear at the end of the film’s credits. A few kicked around the idea of how awesome it would be to see a story based on the then recent Civil War books. Now, 6 years later, that dream may be becoming a reality.

Just think. Iron Man vs. Capatain America on the big screen. The Hulk vs. Thor. Hawkeye vs. Black Widow. It’s in the works.

Marvel’s Civil War was a popular and impactful story that ran through 2006-2007. In the comic books citizens of the Marvel; Universe are used to planet wide destruction as a regular occurrence. But when a down on their luck team of inexperienced superheros tries to apprehend a dangerous criminal, live on a reality TV show no less, tragedy ensues on an unprecedented scale. Several blocks of Stamford Connecticut are obliterated, including in some eerie foreshadowing of Sandy Hook, an elementary school. Public outcry explodes. Why are there laws registering who can own a handgun but people who can shoot lasers out of their hands can walk around freely and anonymously? A superhero backlash quickly followed with the introduction and passage of the Superhuman Registration Act to put superhumans under government supervision.

The act’s biggest lobbyist becomes Tony Stark who sees the writing on the wall for his super friends after Stamford. It was only a matter of time before the government began to reign in super powered human beings and he figures it’d be better to get in front of the changing tide to soften the blow personally. On the opposing side, surprisingly at first, is Captain America, who stands against his government arguing the act is an attack on personal liberties and freedom. Lines are quickly drawn between allies as superheros such as Spider-Man come forward to the pro-registration side and reveal their secret identities or go underground and join Captain America’s anti-registration resistance group. Lots of hero vs. hero fighting ensues with the result being more destruction to the poor citizens of the Marvel U. The very thing the act had originally hoped to avert. With Iron Man moments from defeat in a New York battle royal, Captain America comes to his senses and surrenders. The cuffs are slapped on him as he’s arrested and the superhuman Civil War ends with Iron Man’s registration side prevailing.


So where does this leave the Marvel movies? Early talk from the directors of The Winter Soldier after it’s release was that Captain America 3 would pick up where 2 left off, with Steve Rogers, and the Falcon picking up the trail of his former best friend turned assassin Bucky Barnes. I don’t see how there would be any room to continue that story line now if CA3 is going to kick start the Civil War. We know that in Avengers 2 the team must defeat the runaway artificial intelligence named Ultron. It’s no coincidence that in the movie Ultron is another of Tony Stark’s attempt at bettering the world that backfires big time. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict the movie will end with destruction on a global scale and a deeply remorseful Tony Stark. (again). So far all the Marvel movies have been building towards Avengers 3 in which many suspect he team squares off against Thanos, the purple jawed alien baddie who’s been collecting every powerful artifact through the movies to create a reality warping weapon called the Infinity Gauntlet. I’ll crawl out on my shaky limb to once again predict more global destruction will follow along with more public outcry.

But after Avengers 3, then what? Rumors suggested the third Avengers movie might see a changing of the guard as more recent Marvel movie heroes might step in and join the team. One of the hallmarks of the Avengers in the comics is it’s constantly rotating roster. To have the same team members again and again in the movies would actually be very un-Avengersish. Add in expiring contracts from Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. shortly after Avengers 3 and and the future seemed plain to see. A changing of the guard was being laid out before our eyes. But a Civil War could change everything.

Imagine the public outcry after Avengers 3 when the world was almost laid to waste by Thanos and his minions. of course the Avengers may have saved humanity but they sure do leave a trail of destruction in their wake. The end of Avengers 1 even alludes to this as higher ups are uncomfortable with the destruction the team brought onto NY to stop Loki’s alien invasion. In Iron man 3 we see Tony has some major anxiety over what happened in NY and by the end has given up his suits. (turning them into expensive fireworks) Captain America: The Winter Soldier exposed the dark underbelly of too much government control as Cap goes rouge against authority to fight for what he thinks is right. At the end of the movie Cap is redeemed, but SHIELD is exposed as a front for the neo nazi HYDRA organization. Clearly the need for a new form of superhero control is being laid out in the films. Clearly there is a need for a Superhero Registration Act in these movies. Give Marvel credit for one thing. They think BIG and they have a superpower in patience.

Inbetween all the upcoming movies like Ant-Man and Doctor Strange Marvel also has multiple TV shows on air or in development through ABC and Netflix. One thing the Civil War calls for is a large roster of heroes with their complex relationships to break in two. Luckily for us Marvel has heros like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and even the Inhumans coming down the pike. That’s quite a lineup to all come together on the big screen and it’s all possible now with the rumors of adopting the Civil War story-line. One of the best parts of the first Avengers was watching the good guys fight and argue with each other. What could be better than a whole movie of that?

Hopefully we can expect to see a bunch of ads like these coming out around the release of Captain America 3. Who’s side are you on?

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