Marvel vs. DC: Where’s the Justice?

Green Arrow Flash

1. Casting

No, not necessarily who they have chosen, but rather who they HAVE NOT cast in major roles that serves as a sharp punch to the gut of DC fans. With both “Arrow” and “The Flash” doing very well on the small screen, it seemed like a no-brainer that the studio would bring Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin on as each of their respective characters. But to the dismay of many, the Green Arrow character isn’t even being discussed within the universe as far as we know, despite Amell just being cast in his first feature film role. Furthering the trauma, a rather unknown, Ezra Miller, has been slated to suit up as the Flash, completely disregarding Gustin’s honest performance of the speedster.

Establishing multiple different cinematic universes is definitely not the way to go, yet with these decisions, it seems that’s the way DC is headed.

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