Marvel vs. DC: Where’s the Justice?

Henry Cavill Superman

2. Dark Tone

Everybody enjoys a bit of darkness once in a while, sure. But would a world without color be truly appealing? DC seems to think so. Christopher Nolan’s wonderfully crafted Dark Knight trilogy is a prime example of the perfect amount of bleakness in a film. The studio seems to be trying to build off of that trait, but without the artistic abilities of Nolan. “Man of Steel”, while being very well-made, lacked any heart of the previous Superman films, instead taking a much more sinister approach to the hero’s tale. The film left many wondering if they actually watched a Superman movie.

From what we’ve seen of ” Batman v Superman” and “Suicide Squad”, the story doesn’t seem to be changing. Maybe DC can learn from Marvel and brighten the picture just a bit. Heroes stand out, not blend in.

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