Marvel vs. DC: Where’s the Justice?

Riddler Frank Gorshin 4. Confusing Film Release Schedule

Apparently, DC doesn’t feel the need to establish beloved characters in their own individual way as it should be done. Marvel has done a wonderful job of creating a team of heroes, who all have personal and separate story arcs. Superheroes deserve their own films. Yet, in an effort to match the box office success of Marvel’s cinematic universe, DC has ignored that thought process. Instead, they’re coming running out of the gate, establishing the fact that multiple characters will show up in “Batman v Superman”. Rather than showing us the origins of Wonder Woman or Aquaman in their own separate movies they’ve chosen to just throw the two in early for some extra excitement. Only after introducing them will we learn who they really are and will audiences truly care for them.

It’s a tactic being used to bring in more box office bucks, rather than appeasing true fans of the characters involved.

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