Marvel vs. DC: Where’s the Justice?


5. Lack of Comedy

One of the major aspects of both comic books and their film counterparts is the comedic tone set to relieve both the viewer and the heroes themselves. Whether it’s Spiderman’s sarcasm or the Flash’s snarkiness, the action and humor go hand in hand. But even the best of comic book movies have suffered from their lack of comedy. The Dark Knight trilogy is missing this element through most of the series. Excluding the Joker every so often, the films have nearly no moments to relax and laugh. On the other hand, the Green Lantern relied heavily in a funny script and in that sense, caused the film to suffer. Marvel has found a remarkable middle ground that DC can’t seem to replicate, somewhat distancing the viewer from their favorite characters.

Without that little bit of humor, the DC films will mist likely fail where Marvel succeeds in engaging a wide audience. The grittiness may appeal to some, but superheroes were meant to be enjoyed by anyone. Did we really want to see Superman kill someone anyway? I don’t think so.

So in the end, we have two seemingly similar studios that have gone in opposite directions in terms of aesthetic and tone and it seems pretty clear which one is doing it right. With what seems like no real effort to appease fans, DC is falling further and further behind the strides made by Marvel. Though the tides can still change, it would need to be a very strong wind to get DC back on the right track.

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