The Force Awakens Trailer #2 Exposed!

Han Solo Force Awakens

The long awaited 2nd trailer for The Force Awakens has arrived and it’s been worth the wait! What better way to kick off this year’s Star Wars Celebration than with another amazing trailer to break the internet all over again just as the first trailer did on Black Friday last year. If you haven’t seen it yet by all means check it out!


While the first trailer was all about everything new, this one clearly hearkens back to the past. Luke’s off screen narration at the beginning of this trailer comes from Return of the Jedi when Luke lets Leia in on their little family secret. But it takes on a whole knew meaning here as it sets the stage for the force to be passed down to another generation of potential Skywalkers. The force is strong in this family indeed.

Anakin. Luke and Leia. And now Kylo and Kira.

skywalker family

Everything old is new again. The circle is complete. Anakin Skywalker was prophesied to have been the one to bring balance to the force. But was this balance supposed to come from him? From his children? Or from his grandchildren? Judging from the new trailer, Episode VII  looks to deal with that question of legacy head on.

So let’s not waste any time and start picking this trailer apart to see what we can learn about the The Force Awakens.

Much to learn. We still have…….

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  • charlotte28277

    Other sites that have dissected the trailer show the hand giving thr light saber is alien, probably Lupita’s character

    • Maybe. But why would does the trailer reference Luke’s connection to the force within his family between shots of his dad and sister? Makes all the sense in the world for it to be Luke. And it does not look like a very feminine hand to me either. But you never know. Hmmmm.

  • MVW

    There is a hooded figure stood infront of Vader’s mask to the right.

    • Good catch! Any ideas who you think it could be?

    • Thretosix

      This could go more than one way, when I first saw it I thought it might be Luke as if he kept his dad’s helmet. Then again it could be Kylo Ren as if he has some obsession with Darth Vader. There are plenty of rumors swarming around about a relic hunter of some kind which could be Kylo himself. The hood definitely makes you think jedi or a sith though. The last option that it could be, which we know even less about is it could be Andy Serkis’ character.

      • Ooooh, what if it is Vader looking at Vader? 😉

  • Radknight

    You also have BB-8 peaking around a corner on the Falcon. Is he, or anybody else, a stowaway??

    • BB-8 is Kira/Rey droid, that’s not disputable.

      So maybe his Kid stole the Falcon and one does with the Dad’s car? but they don’t know it’s her?

  • Leila Heinrich

    Her name isn’t Kira, it’s Rey.

    • You don’t think that could only be half. Kinda a spoiler if they announced her name was Kira Rey alongside Kylo Ren. Just a theory.

  • Rui Pinho
  • Walter Neff

    The “home” Han is referring to is obviously the Falcon itself. They’ve obviously gotten it back from someone or something (the Empire? used ship dealership? thieves? intergalactic impound?) and have their weapons drawn as they’ve just recaptured it from its previous occupants.

  • toph1980

    Kira handing the lightsaber to Leia? Are you fucking blind?

    • Do you have behind the scenes vision? What the heck do you see?

  • Eric ‘Rich’ Richardson

    Couple of areas where I think your assessment jumped the shark.

    LIGHTSABER SWAP: I think it’s a pretty bold jump to assume that the Lightsaber swap is Kira and Leia. (To me) the hand looks like the hand of a child holding the saber. What’s to say that some kid didn’t find it, run through the desert with it and hand it to Kira who we already know is a scavenger? Sorry, I just don’t think that it’s Leia’s hands accepting the saber — I think it’s was used as a heavy reference (i.e. a female hand with a lightsaber to support the VO of Luke’s ‘Force Family’ tale).

    “WE’RE HOME”: (To me) There’s no doubt that Han is talking about the Falcon. The fact that Chewie has a raised bowcaster tells me that they’ve just regained possession of the Falcon. MY THOUGHT? I think Kira and Finn are flying the Falcon through that downed Super Star Destroyer after stealing it to get away from TIE Fighters that were sent to kill or capture, First Order Stormtrooper deserter, Finn — after which, Han and Chewie form their own version of a hostile takeover to get back their property.

    Why was it out of Han’s possession in the first place? Because after the Battle of Endor, Han knew that he and Leia were going to be moving-in together and Leia only had a 2 Consular Ship garage so he gave it back to Lando…

    • Lol, I think Han would rather part with Leia than his beloved ship. And if Leia is gonna force that choice I think we all know what Han’s answer would be.

      Good ideas though.

    • I disagree with you on a simple ground, there’s no way in hell Daisy Ridley isn’t related to the Skywalker, would be completely stupid to cast someone who looks like Natalie Portman’s daughter and her not be related to them, why would Han and Chewie hold a gun to his Daughter/Niece?

      • Eric ‘Rich’ Richardson

        Really? Because there was a still image of a certain scavenger girl and her new ex-Stormtrooper BFF running to the landing gear ramp of a certain REALLY familiar ship… With absolutely no definitive information about Daisy Ridley’s lineage, I don’t think that anyone can say, ‘…there’s NO WAY IN HELL Daisy Ridley isn’t related to the Skywalker…”

        • You completely ignored my point, i didn’t say she lives with the Solo, that they even know she is alive, but there’s no way she was cast to not play someone that was born out of a skywalker, for all purposes she can be an Rebel Agent disguised as Scarvenger, but when you see the physical resemblance

          • Eric ‘Rich’ Richardson

            Oh, I didn’t know you were trying to make a point, ESPECIALLY a point that you don’t know if it is correct or not. I get the fact that you want to REALLY narrow the galaxy down to a three branched family tree — but is it really a stretch that they cast a thin, attractive brunette in a hero role for Star Wars? Personally, I think it would be completely non-believable to see a big breasted, feathered haired blonde for Star Wars… it’s just not in the DNA of the story.

            But okay, Rey is Han Solo’s niece.

            Which one seems more ‘Star Wars’?

            1. Building a little bit of mystery and suspense of seeing his ship ‘stolen’ and flown like a bat out of hell by some ‘kids’ and the tension of Han and Chewie trying to get their ship back, finding it and without knowing who (or what) is onboard, sneak up the ramp with guns drawn only have the two in a humorous reunion of

            HAN: “Rey?”
            REY: “Uncle Han?”
            FINN: “You know each other?”
            HAN: “Who are you?”
            FINN: “I’m an ex-Stormtrooper turned good guy trying to fly your niece to go find Skywalker, fight this guy with a sleep apnea mask on his face, shoot bad guys, stop the First Order and win the day.”
            HAN: “Chewie… we’re home”


            2. REY: “Hey Uncle Han, can I borrow the Falcon to go on an adventure?”
            HAN: “Sure, but let me go clear it out since it’s been in the backyard” (walks up ramp with blasters to shoot space bugs inside) “Chewie… we’re home.”

        • Just look at it, there’s no coincidence that big

    • Dayanna Gonçalves

      I do think that’s Leia receiving the lightsaber. It looks like her clothes.

      • Nice pic! Looks about right!

  • Guest says something about May 4th for Star Wars… 🙂

    • I want a model of the new X-wing 🙂

    • Naptown

      That’s Star Wars Day! “May the 4th be with you”. Is it comfy under your rock? 😉

  • Scott Baughman

    I believe the TIE pilot chasing the Falcon through the wreckage is Gwendolyn Christie’s character – the Inquisitor-like Phasma. She’s there to hunt down the lightsaber in the wreckage on orders from Kylo Ren. I think the Falcon is ALSO wrecked in that desert and when Rey finds it and powers it on, it begins emitting a homing signal to a pleasantly surprised Han and Chewie – who thought the Falcon was lost forever after the battle of Jakku all those years ago. According to information released for the EA Star Wars: Battlefront game, the battle of Jakku happened a few short weeks after the Battle of Endor as the Rebellion and the Empire started to REALLY go at it in total war. The battle of Jakku will be downloadable content for Battlefront in November.

    • Yeah man. That’s the biggest mystery so far. What the hell happened on this planet? Looks like it’s on the scale of the battle of Endor, with fighting both in space and on land. Why would a backwater desert planet be so tactically valuable and worth fighting for? And why has does it seem to be pretty much abandoned in the years since?