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Interstellar: Great For Sci-Fi Fans, But Maybe Not So Much For Others

Previews: Interstellar is director Christopher Nolan’s new science fiction drama that was written by his brother Jonathan and was originally meant to be directed by Stephen Spielberg. It stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine and Jessica Chastain. Feature: The film begins in a dystopian not too distant future where the world has been ravaged … Continue reading Interstellar: Great For Sci-Fi Fans, But Maybe Not So Much For Others

CharacterNation: Rambo

Who? Rambo! If you at all had a pulse back in the 80’s then you don’t just know who Rambo is. You lived through Rambo. An 80’s movie and political icon, Rambo came to represent all the best qualities of the US during that decade. Rambo was loud, invincible, strong, took no prisoners, kicked ass, and … Continue reading CharacterNation: Rambo

Ten Coolest Star Wars spaceships

I love Star Wars. Like most grown men my age I will refer to my embarrassingly large box of Star Wars toys (all opened) as evidence to support the fact. But what I love most about Star Wars isn’t the light sabers, slave Leia, or even Darth Vader. It’s the amazing space ships and space battles … Continue reading Ten Coolest Star Wars spaceships

Throwback Review: The Scary Blair Witch Project

What I remembered: I hate scary movies. Like most people, I remember the Blair Witch Project being a big deal when it came out. Like a really big deal. There had never been anything like it before. The film is a movie built around the idea of some “found footage” of three young filmmakers going out into the woods to … Continue reading Throwback Review: The Scary Blair Witch Project

CharacterNation: Michael Myers

Who? Michael Myers is the original psycho killer, Norman Bates aside, who brought slasher/horror films to the mainstream in 1978’s Halloween and has been killing teenagers onscreen ever since. As a teenager in the 90’s Michael Myers and the Halloween movies were always favorites of me and my friends. We’d all get together and have sleepovers … Continue reading CharacterNation: Michael Myers

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