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The Evolution of Jason Voorhees (Infographic)

The Evolution of Jason Voorhees

The Friday the 13th movies are a horror movie staple. Apparently, there’s a timeless appeal to watching a hockey masked killer cut through young campers like a sickle cuts a swath through wheat.

Not bad considering Jason first appeared on movie screens 35 years ago, waaaay back in 1980. The big guy has changed a lot since then, though his basic look hasn’t changed too much, hockey masks are always in fashion.

What’s your favorite Friday the 13th movie? Which version of Jason do you think is the scariest or most menacing? Leave a message in the comments below to share your thoughts!

Thanks to HalloweenCostumes.com for the super cool infographic!

 The Evolution of Jason Voorhees
Image Created by HalloweenCostumes.com