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Every Limb Ever Lost In Star Wars

Every Limb Ever Lost in Star Wars Infographic

Lightsabers are a dangerous thing. Able to cut through droids, hack off limbs and melt through security doors like a hot knife through butter. It’s no surprise then that the Star Wars films are a graveyard full of severed arms and heads from the unfortunate victims who met the business end of a lightsaber.

Here is a great infographic that shows every limb ever lost in Star Wars.

 Star Wars Limb Loss Infographic
Image Created by HalloweenCostumes.com

The Force Awakens Trailer Exposed!

It’s here.

You know what it is. I’ve been waiting for it. You’ve been waiting for it. The world has been waiting for it.

The first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has landed and it doesn’t disappoint. Just like a good teaser should do, it gives us just enough of a glimpse of the new movie to make us ravenous for more without spoiling too much, if anything, of the actual plot. But lucky for you I’m ready to break the trailer down and extract all the useful information from it we can gleam. Just as I’ve done before with leaked photos and concept art here, here, and here. So let’s jump right into this.

These aren’t spoilers anymore. 🙂



1. John Boyega – stormtrooper

The trailer begins like all good Star Wars movies on a desert planet. As I’ve mentioned before, I do not think it is Tatooine, but a new desert junkyard like planet. A menacing voiceover mentions there has been an awakening as Boyega seems to wake up sans helmet, scared, lost, and sweating. He is in the middle of nowhere. He turns around and finds nothing but dunes. The faint sound of a probe droid can be heard in the background.

I think this is great for the franchise. It’s nice to see another main character who is first of all black and a stormtrooper. Boyega is the farthest thing from a clone and this reminds us those are actual people under the helmet. By seeing a face under the mask this does more to humanize stormtroopers than any of the 6 films before has done. The armor he’s wearing looks a lot like regular storm trooper armor with a small black V on the chest, slightly extended shoulder pads and a out of place black dot on the back. Maybe instead of the crazy colors the clonetroopers used to wear all new units now have a symbol on their back to distinguish themselves. We do know he’s not supposed to be here though. He’d be wearing the uniform of a sandtrooper if he was stationed on this planet which he clearly is not.