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New Voltron Animated Series Coming To Netflix!

Quick! What do you get when you cross Guillermo Del Torro of Pacific Rim fame, Dreamworks Animation, Netflix, and five mechanical lions from the 1980s?


Gimmie one quick second while the 8 year old boy in me mentally runs Frosted Flakes fueled laps around in my brain.


Freaking Voltron? Defender of The Universe? My favorite childhood cartoon? Finally back on TV in full computer animated glory? And produced by Guillermo Del Torro?

2016 is off to an amazing start already.

In a recent statement from Netflix they announced not only is a new Voltron show in development from Del Torro but a new fantasy show named Trollhunters as well.

Trollhunters? What could that be about? Maybe a bunch of kids band together to hunt those creepy naked Treasure Trolls that have plagued the countryside in their kingdom? I’d watch that and it would fit with the warm feelings of nostalgia that the Voltron news is bringing.


voltron tv showVoltron, if you missed out, is the American version of a Japanese anime entitled Beast King GoLion that ran on the 80’s airwaves after school in the afternoons. The show made little sense as it involved four escaped space freedom fighters who live in an abandoned castle on the planet of Arus. There, they were members of the Voltron force. Pilots of giant mechanized lions that could fly through space, looked cool as hell, and of course could combine together to form a giant mute robot named Voltron. Think of it as an animated version of Power Rangers without the hokey martial arts and with more emphasis put on giant robots and monsters kicking the crap outta each other as it should be.

There was also of course a second version of Voltron which featured a series of cars and vehicles that formed a much more dopey looking robot, but let’s never speak of it again. (It’s hard to look cool with helicopter circles on your shoulders and Toyota’s for feet.)

But in all seriousness, say what you will of Pacific Rim, but the actions sequences were pretty spectacular and as it seems a sequel will never come to pass, this may be the next best thing. Better actually as I’d take a new Voltron over Pacific Rim 2 any day and night.

I can’t wait to see some concept art of what the new lions will look like in the new Voltron animated series and if the show will go for a more realistic gritty edge as I’d expect from Del Torro or stay close to the innocent charm of the original series.

What was your favorite lion growing up? Assemble Voltron in the comments below!



Samus Aran Appears in a Short film “Metroid: The Sky Falls”


New Fan Made Metroid Film is Released on the Internet. And is Amazing

The gaming community is undergoing a moment of frenzy with the release of Metroid: The Sky Falls, a short film about Samus Aran, a fan favorite video game character that has made multiple appearances on Nintendo’s Metroid and Super Smash Bros. series. 

Rainfall, the Los Angles production studio that released the Wonder Woman short film back in 2013 with over five millions viewers, has presented what many fans of the Metroid game franchise and sci-fi viewers had hoped for. The visual effects are nothing of a high budget standard, yet the story is flawlessly captivating throughout the short film.

Directed by Sam Balcomb with Jessica Chobot (Nerdist) and America Young, watch the new Metroid: The Sky Falls below:


Could this be a new path to a blockbuster release of video game franchises? Nintendo recently announced that they will start making movies again, although they completely bombed with the Super Mario Bros. back in 1993.

Just beginning of this year, there were rumors about Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda being developed into an animated series by Netflix. But this has neither been confirmed nor denied by both Nintendo and Netflix.

With this whole super hero trend saturating the theaters, it’s possible the studios are now aiming at video game franchises to seek future productions. If that’s the case, let’s seriously hope for movie similar to this Metroid short.

And, yes, Samus Aran in Metroid is a female and that is awesome.

Netflix Secures deal to stream “Star Wars VII,” but only in Canada

Disney just helped Canada become “one of the places to visit,” for next year.

Just two months away from the theatrical release of the new Star Wars film, the only “new” discussion is the new deal that has allowed Netflix subscribers in Canada to stream Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens eight months after the theatrical release.

Disney’s new multi-year licensing deal with Netflix that started in 2015, has agreed to release titles from Disney Live Action, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Disneynature and DreamWorks Studios.

Although in the U.S., there hasn’t been a deal between Netflix and Disney about Star Wars VII, on the bright side, starting on January 1, 2016, there is a possibility to release all the previous Star Wars films. This is similar to a deal that was struck last month with Disney and Fox to screen the Star Wars franchise through Tencent, one of China’s biggest social media company. This is to promote and create interest of the franchise ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

As of now, Netflix Canada is the only country that has obtained the streaming rights to the new film, but according to a Netflix representative, negotiations are still ongoing for other parts of the continent.

Netflix: Beasts of No Nations has been released in theaters

All eyes are on Netflix, but this time at the theaters with its first feature film, Beasts of No Nations, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga — notable for Sin Nombre (2009) and Jayne Eyre (2011) — with its biggest star as Idris Elba — notable for Pacific Rim (2013), Prometheus (2012) and Thor (2011).

Revolutionizing the way people access their movies and TV shows with Netflix’s streaming service, which caused big movie rental companies such as Blockbuster to go bankrupt, the major chain theaters are now the ones upset over Netflix trying to grab a screen at their own theaters. So far, AMC, Cinemark, Regal and Carmike theaters have rejected to premiere Beasts, primarily due to Netflix’s provision of simultaneously releasing Beasts on their streaming service.  The theater owners have expressed their concerns over this business model, stating it will only cause more people to watch either at their houses or online instead of their theaters. So far the only theater cooperating with Netflix is Landmark, which will release Beasts on October 16.

Although Beasts is getting a limited release, what does Netflix gain from this theatrical release when people could watch online that very same day? Simple, it is to qualify for the Oscar nomination. For any films to be eligible for an Oscar, the current rule is for the movie to appear online “on or after the first day” of the theatrical release. A brilliant move by Netflix.

Netflix has continued to be the top streaming platform with their original TV series like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Daredevil gaining popularity with millions of viewers . They have even been nominated for multiple Emmy Awards, along with recent news of their feature documentary — that was partnered up with Leonardo DiCaprio’s production studio — getting nominated for an Oscar.

20 Best Netflix Horror Movies

20 Best Netflix Horror Movies

Why spend hours scrolling through Netflix’s endless selection of horror movies? There’s a ton. Some of them are decent. Many of them are crap. A few are true gems.

Save yourself some time and instead check out the films on this list. There’s films for every horror movie fan and you can be guaranteed these films are among the best Netflix horror movies available.

How many have you seen?

20. Oculus (2013)

Best for: Fans of “mainstream” horror movies who missed it’s theatrical release.

oculus movie posterPoor, Tim and Kaylie. The siblings had a rather rough childhood growing up. Trapped in a new house while growing up, their parents chained them to bedroom walls, starved them of food, and attempted to beat and murder them on multiple occasions. Typical horror movie stuff really, that all is to blamed on a possessed mirror their father picked up as an office decoration. Also typical horror movie fare.

Their torture only ends when their psycho mom is killed by dear old crazy dad before their eyes. When dad comes for them next, Tim guns him down in a hail of bullets. As the police arrive to arrest Tim for murder  the siblings agree to reunite one day and destroy the mirror they are convinced possessed their parents and drove them insane.

11 years later Tim is a free man, convinced after years of psychiatric care the demonic mirror is just a fabrication of his psyche to explain the awful events surrounding his youth. Kaylie, however has worked to get a job at a local auction house and has possession of the very mirror she still blames for killing her parents. In order to keep their promise Tim and Kaylie take the mirror back to their parents house rigged with security cameras and a heavy anchor raised above the mirror on a “kill switch” to destroy it when the time arises. But not before the mirror’s supernatural powers can be documented and their family name redeemed.

It all seems like a good plan on the surface, but the evil mirror isn’t willing to go down without a fight and soon enough Tim and Katie begin experiencing hallucinations and possessions just as their parents did 11 years ago. Let’s just say history has a way of repeating and the mirror won’t stop racking up a body count until the every end.

Oculus is chalk full of good old fashioned creepy unnerving scares instead of the blood, guts, and cheap shocks that are the norm for horror films these days. The film is slick and looks good from start to finish, smart, and of course, scary as hell. If you missed it in the theaters then Netflix has given you a second chance at redemption. Just like Tim and Kaylie in the movie.

Stay away from any mirrors.

19. The Awakening (2011)

Best for: A cold rainy date night on the couch, wrapped under a warm blanket with a hot cup of tea.

the-awakening-poster02Fans of ghost stories and mysteries should definitely check out The Awakening as it’s a good cross between both. Set in the English countryside shortly after World War I, the film is as beautiful to watch as it is scary.

The Awakening revolves around a woman named Florence who is a published author and expert on supernatural hoaxes. Florence is asked to investigate a troubled boys boarding school for orphans where the death of a recent student has been blamed a supernatural spirit. As an orphan herself Florence feels compelled to investigate and makes the trip. A thorough investigation reveals the deceased boy was often the victim of hazing by school bullies and was last seen by a teacher who forced him to stand outside in an attempt to toughen him up only. Unfortunately it was at that point the ghost made itself known to the boy who became utterly frightened and died of a fatal asthma attack on the spot. Case closed.

But while trying to leave Florence faints into a pond after seeing a hand rise out from the water. She is rescued and kept at the school by a handsome teacher named Robert who is afraid for her sanity. With the school closed for break only Florence, Robert, the housekeeper Maud, the groundskeeper and little Tom, a lonely Indian boy, are left. However Florence soon finds herself seeing things that cannot be explained. One rape and murder later Florence’s past crosses paths with the ghost and her life will never be the same again.

Thick in atmosphere and visually detailed, The Awakening is a haunting ghost story that will keep you thinking until the twist ending turns the entire movie on it’s side.