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10 Exciting Fall Movies 2015

10 Exciting Fall Movies 2015

With Halloween around the corner, the Major League Baseball playoffs about to start, and Columbus Day fast approaching, I think that it is safe to say that Fall is in more than full swing. As a result of this fact, I have come to start thinking about all of the films I would like to see during this time of year. This period for me is always interesting as it seems that most major studios and even some independent companies will save what they contend to be some of their best material for this period. Although, it may not be as exciting as in December when the Golden Globe nominations are announced and thus the general public gets to see what the studios consider to be their gems, it still is worthy of more than some notice. Furthermore, some Oscar contenders can emerge now and have in the past. The Insider, American Beauty, and Lost In Translation are three examples that come to mind from previous years. So, I present you with the 10 Fall movies I can’t wait to see.

Matt-Damon The Martian

1. The Martian

As a long time fan of Matt Damon and one who enjoys the occasional Sci-Fi story I’m looking forward to this one. Damon plays Mark Watney an astronaut who is presumed dead and then left behind on a future manned mission to Mars. Watney must learn how to survive on a foreign planet with no way to get home until help arrives.

The concept in itself is very intriguing and quite universal as what is more basic than the need to survive and what some people will undergo to do so.

This idea can only be augmented by what I’m sure at the very least, will be more than adequate direction from Ridley Scott and I’m almost certain of good performances from the likes of Jessica Chastain and Jeff Daniels. Both of whom, I’ve yet to see deliver a sub par performance. More than your average space opera, this movie could have the same far reaching message and excitement as Gravity from 2013. Therefore, I’m not surprised it’s already topped the box office in recent days.

Finally, on a brief personal note being an admirer of his, I would like to see Matt Damon give a great performance (I can’t think of a film where he hasn’t.) and do so in an excellent commercially successful movie. In my opinion, the last great performance of his that I saw was in Contagion and the last big hit I remember him having was the brilliant, Bourne Ultimatum. So, I’m rooting for this one and can’t wait to get my tickets.