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10 Throwback Scary Movies To Put You In A Halloween Mood

10 Best Throwback Scary Movies for Halloween

Halloween is only a few weeks away and the looming date of that holiday has set me thinking about pictures that can get one in the proper spirit for the occasion. When you mention the word Halloween invariably horror movies come to mind. Now, there is no doubt that films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Paranormal Activity, I Know What You Did Last Summer and of course John Capenter’s classic that shares the holiday’s name have “Halloween” written all over them. But, there are other movies from years past that I think can be considered to be appropriate fare. So, what follows are my picks for the best scary movies to watch before and on Halloween.


1. Misery

Though it’s set in Colorado in the dead of Winter, this movie  is well- suited for Halloween. The story of famed romance novel writer Paul Sheldon, (James Caan) being trapped in the home of Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates)- his psychotic number one fan- has all the makings of a great film to see on all hallows eve. In my humble opinion, the most exciting and worthy aspect is that the way Bates portrays Wilkes is so chilling it will send shivers down your spine and demonstrates that her fear inducing chops were well in place long before (God help you, if you cross her and she starts calling you a “dirty bird,” or if you try to escape from her home your legs will get a good “hobbling.”) American Horror story. Moreover, it’s Filled with constant suspense and humor along with fabulous direction by Rob Reiner, riveting performances and great writing. Finally, being adapted from a novel by the master of horror, Stephen King, certainly doesn’t diminish it. Therefore, you can’t’ get any better than Misery when looking for something to put you in a Halloween mood.

Favorite Horror Movie Girls (Infographic)

Favorite Horror Movie Girls

Horror movie girls. Scream Queens. Damsels in distress.

Horror movies just wouldn’t be the same if your psycho ax wielding killer kept ruthlessly pursuing boys. Horror movie girls are a genre staple and ultimately the villain’s Achilles heel. Killing the school jock? Easy. Disposing of law enforcement? No problem. But killing that final horror movie girl is always an almost impossible task as those pesky girls always seem to find a way to escape or turn the tables on the killer at the last moment.

Take a look at our favorite horror movie girls who got away. An awesome infographic, courtesy of HalloweenCostumes.com

Is your favorite scream queen missing from the list? Then feel free to add her in the comments below!


Ten Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time

exorcist regan

Ten Scariest Horror Movies of All Time

I hate horror movies.

It goes without saying around my house that horror movies are among my least favorite types of films. Truth be told, I’d rather watch a musical or historical period piece than a horror movie most days. The reason is simple. Most “horror” films tend to be anything but. Cliched? Of course. Silly? In abundance. Gruesome? I guess. Scary? No.

Take a look at these recent Hollywood horror films and tell me if you notice a pattern. Insidious Chapter 3, Poltergeist, The Lazarus Effect, and Before I Wake. They are all rated PG-13.


How I ask, can you claim to be a true horror movie when you openly admit you’re film is targeted toward the middle school crowd? Are you a horror film or the Hunger Games?

But for some true horror movie win make sure to check out all the films on the list that follows. These films are, without a doubt, the scariest movies of all time. The scary movies that always make you feel uneasy after watching and stay with you while you sleep. The ones guys will want to watch on a first date. The films that still remember a good scare comes from the physiological instead of gratuitous gore.


Oh, and they’re all rated R. ….. Well kinda. You’ll see.

Ten Best Movie Trailers


The Ten Best Movie Trailers Of All Time

What’s one of the best parts of going to see any movie?

Getting there in time to watch the trailer’s of course.

Basically extended commercials, movies can live and die by the quality of their trailer. Sometimes the trailer shows too much of a film and spoils any surprises that may be waiting in store. (Terminator: Genisys I’m looking at you) or show hardly anything at all and leave the audience with confusing expectations like the original Matrix trailer did.

Making a great trailer is an art form onto itself. One in which you only have two minutes to get your cinematic hooks into the viewer and convince them that the movie being advertises is worth seeing. Quick cuts, fiery explosions, witty one liners, and passionate kisses are the paints in which a trailer editor works. It’s amazing what kind of mini movies these guys and gals can make given the time constraints forced upon them when you sit back and really think about it.

Crowd watching a movie

But sometimes, just sometimes, a trailer comes around that’s so memorable they can stand on their own as great onto themselves. Even if the actual movie turns out to be a clunker or box office bomb, at least the trailer ended up being better than the movie.

What follows are the ten best trailers ever made. Ones worthy enough to leave the house early to make it to the theater ahead of time.

Ultimate Facts – Psycho


50 Facts About Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

– Psycho was released on June 16, 1960 by Paramount Pictures.

– Runtime: 109 minutes.

– The film had a budget of $806,947 and made 50 million at the box office. Or $394,264,075 million if adjusted for inflation today.

– It is the highest grossing film of Hitchcock’s career.

– It stars Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates. Janet Leigh as Marion Crane. Vera Mills as Lila Crane and John Gavin as Sam Loomis.

– Psycho is Alfred Hitchcock’s 49th film. His first horror movie.

– The film is based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Robert Bloch, which itself was based on the life and crimes of Wisconsin serial killer Ed Gein.

– Ed Gein also inspired the characters of Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hannibal Lector in The Silence of the Lambs.

– Hitchcock bought the rights for the novel anonymously for $9,500 then personally bought up as many copies of the novel as he could to keep the ending a secret from the public.

– So afraid was Hitchcock of leaks about the film’s surprise twist ending that he had every member of the cast take an oath on the first day of filming that they wouldn’t divulge any secrets about the film to the public. He also kept the final pages of the script a secret from them until the last minute when shooting began.

– At the end of the movie Hitchcock would come over the loudspeakers and ask audiences “Don’t give away the ending – it’s the only one we have.”

– Psycho is the first American film to show a toilet flushing on screen.

– Ophthalmologists wrote into Hitchcock stating that Marion’s eyes were not dilated enough for being dead. In his future films Hitchcock would use belladonna eye drops per their suggestion to more accurately portray dilated pupils.

– As the camera zooms out from Marion’s death stare the last 3 seconds are a freeze frame as Hitchcock’s wife Alma noticed Leigh’s neck artery was still pulsating.

– The shower scene took seven days to film, included 70 takes, and lasts only 45 seconds.

– Chocolate syrup was used as a stand in for blood in grisly the shower scene.


– Hitchcock could do this because he chose to film in black and white as he thought Psycho would be too gory in color. Filming in black and white also allowed him to make the film inexpensively, for under a million dollars.

– Psycho was his last movie filmed in black and white.

– The shower scene was originally supposed to be silent, but Hitchcock immediately changed his mind when he heard Bernard Herrmann’s iconic score.

– Hitchcock also doubled Herrmann’s salary for the film claiming “33% of the effect of Psycho was due to the music.”

– The score was comprised entirely of stringed instruments.

– Janet Leigh was so traumatized by the shower scene upon her first viewing of the film that she never took a shower again. She was however, perfectly fine filming it.

– In the beginning of the film Marion Crane is seen wearing a white bra to symbolize her wholesomeness. After she steals the $40,000 she is shown wearing a black bra to symbolize her selfishness and greed.

– Antony Perkins was paid exactly $40,000 for his work on the film.

– When the film first came out audiences were shocked that the film’s star, Janet Leigh was killed in the first 30 minutes. according to all the promotional materials they thought the film was just about a girl who stole $40,000 dollars. This was deliberate on Hitchcock’s part to mislead and ultimately shock them.

– On set Hitchcock would constantly refer to Anthony Perkins as “Master Bates”.

– Norman Bates is ranked #2 on AFI’s 100 Greatest Villains List.

Norman Bates Birds

– Norman has a taxidermy hobby of stuffing birds. Marion’s last name of Crane is a type of bird. Norman also mentions that Marion happens to eat like a bird in the movie. Hitchcock’s next movie was The Birds.

-The design of the Bates household was modeled on Edward Hopper’s painting of The House by the Railroada Victorian home at 18 Conger Avenue in Haverstraw, NY.


– The house was built in three quarter scale to look more menacing. It is also nothing but a false front and therefore cannot be filmed at any other angle than that used in the film.

– Today the house resides on the Universal Studios film lot and is a popular attraction on the tram tour.