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The Force Awakens Trailer Exposed!

It’s here.

You know what it is. I’ve been waiting for it. You’ve been waiting for it. The world has been waiting for it.

The first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has landed and it doesn’t disappoint. Just like a good teaser should do, it gives us just enough of a glimpse of the new movie to make us ravenous for more without spoiling too much, if anything, of the actual plot. But lucky for you I’m ready to break the trailer down and extract all the useful information from it we can gleam. Just as I’ve done before with leaked photos and concept art here, here, and here. So let’s jump right into this.

These aren’t spoilers anymore. ūüôā



1. John Boyega – stormtrooper

The trailer begins like all good Star Wars movies on a desert planet. As I’ve mentioned before, I do not think it is Tatooine, but a new desert junkyard like planet. A menacing voiceover mentions there has been an awakening as Boyega seems to wake up sans helmet, scared, lost, and sweating. He is in the middle of nowhere. He turns around and finds nothing but dunes. The faint sound of a probe droid can be heard in the background.

I think this is great for the franchise. It’s nice to see another main character who is first of all black and a stormtrooper. Boyega is the farthest thing from a clone and this reminds us those are actual people under the helmet. By seeing a face under the mask this does more to humanize stormtroopers than any of the 6 films before has done. The armor he’s wearing looks a lot like regular storm trooper armor with a small black V on the chest, slightly extended shoulder pads and a out of place black dot on the back. Maybe instead of the crazy colors the clonetroopers used to wear all new units now have a symbol on their back to distinguish themselves. We do know he’s not supposed to be here though. He’d be wearing the uniform of a sandtrooper if he was stationed on this planet which he clearly is not.

Star Wars VII Concept Art Exposed Pt.1


The last few weeks has seen a lot of leaked and official news about the new Star Wars movie. From an official title finally, “The Force Awakens”, to leaked concept art, to more casting rumors, we seem to be learning more and more about episode¬†VII¬†every day. But all we are seeing are little snippets from the film. The actual plot and details are a closely guarded secret . On a movie this big it’s to be expected. But we have been lucky enough to have seen a bunch on concept art hit the web with interesting depictions of shots we may see in the final film. Concept art is always ¬†a bit sketchy to put a lot of stock in because it’s often just visual daydreaming used by the director and producers to try and imagine what certain parts and scenes of the movie could look like. Sometimes the concept art may be spot on to what makes it in the finished film and at others times it could be off in a galaxy far far away. But if you look beneath the surface and dive deep into the details you can notice a lot of themes and subtitles that reveal the bigger picture. I think if we look at these pictures critically we can learn a lot about episode VII. There are clues in the concept art waiting to be found.

So let’s take a look at what’s been revealed so far and see what we can deduce about Star Wars episode VII: A New Dawn. Even if you’ve seen these pictures before, you haven’t seen them like this.

(Further analysis of more recent concept art can be here in Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4)

And it of course goes without saying, POTENTIALLY MASSIVE spoiler alerts to come.


1. Evil Sith cloaked figure

This is one of the most important and talked about pieces of art that’s been leaked so far for one simple reason. Who is this guy? Some have speculated this could be Anakin, Darth Vader himself, longing for the good ol’ days. The clue being the robotic right hand that Luke cut off during their final battle on the Death Star. But that would mean Vader somehow managed to survive being burned to death on a funeral pyre on Endor. (He has survived been burned to death before afterall.) But this can’t be Anakin. We saw his force ghost at the end of Jedi which means he’s as dead as Uncle Lars and Aunt Beru. If this isn’t Vader I think it’s clear then who it must be. None other than the Emperor himself.

Palpatine lives!

To verify my claim I submit the following evidence. We know Palpatine has a closet full of black hooded cloaks, his favorite attire. Check. This person seems to be on the bridge of a Star Destroyer which is where he belongs now that he’s run out of Death Stars. Check. He’s obviously mourning the loss of his star pupil as Palpatine would. That softy. Check. It’s possible Palpatine could have survived the destruction of the second Death Star but not without injury which explains his robotic prosthetics. Check. I think it’s also kind of interesting that Palpatine himself may be more machine than man now as at least his hand and eye have been replaced. (And as we’ll see, cybernetics seem to be all the rage in the new film) What is clear from his expression and pose is that Vader is gone and he is missed. Ruling the galaxy was easy with Vader by his side. Now it’s harder and he longs for Vader’s return. A major goal of Palpatine through both trilogies was to find and groom new apprentices, Anakin in the prequels and turning Luke to the dark side in the original. Why would we expect him to have any other mission in the new films? What’s to say he still doesn’t have his eyes on Luke, even 30 years later? We know this guy is comfortable playing the long game so I’d bet on it.

We also know the Empire is still alive and kicking in these new movies which surprised many at first. Most people expected the Empire would have at least fractured or been totally defeated in the new films because that’s usually what happens when your supreme leader is killed. How does it make sense that the could have Empire have¬†survived 30 years after Return of the Jedi?¬†Simple. Palpatine never died. Obviously he got messed up, but it takes more than a small fall down a reactor core to kill a Sith lord.

Darth Maul not withstanding.

Ten Coolest Star Wars spaceships


I love Star Wars.

Like most grown men my age I will refer to my embarrassingly large box of Star Wars toys (all opened)¬†as evidence to support the fact. But what I love most about Star Wars isn’t the light sabers, slave Leia, or even Darth Vader. It’s the amazing space ships and space battles sprinkled throughout the movies. They dazzled me and sparked my imagination like nothing else. As a kid the sole purpose of my lego collection was to build my own fleet of Star Wars spaceships and have them fight my brothers. I must have completed the trench run and blown up the Death Star a hundred times on¬†the old PC version of X-wing on my friend’s computer. Without a doubt, my favorite scene in either trilogy by far is the final space battle in Return of the Jedi. Watching X-wings and TIE fighters dodge and weave between fleets of Star Destroyers and Rebel cruisers still fills me with excitement.¬†In my opinion there hasn’t been a better space fight put on film since and that is truly depressing, some 30 years later. (I’m looking at you J.J. Abrams, you better deliver where the prequels did not.)¬†An awesome cut of just the space battle can be seen here¬†if you don’t believe me.

That said, there is hope. A New Hope if you will, as leaked photos from the set of episode VII seem to¬†imply X-wings will be integral to the new film. And hopefully a massive space battle on par with Jedi’s. As more and more information about the movie leaks out I thought now might be a good time to look back at my favorite ships through¬†six movies and everything else in-between before we get a gaggle of new ones. So without further ado I give you my top ten list of the coolest Star Wars spaceships.


10. Star Viper

What the heck ¬†is this beast and why haven’t you seen it before you may ask? And why is it so……freakishly cool looking?

The Star Viper comes from episode 4.5, better known as Shadows of the Empire. Back in 1996, when Jar-Jar Binks was just a delusion tucked safely away inside George Lucas’s brain, Lucasfilm decided to test the market’s appetite for more Star Wars by creating a book that filled in the missing gap between Empire Strikes back and Return of the Jedi, then market the hell out of it as if it was an actual movie. In the book we got cool stuff like seeing Luke Jedi train in Obi Wan’s cave back on Tatoonie, as well as an explanation why Leia and Lando have taken up bounty hunter aliases in the beginning of Jedi. The book introduces us to the the Black Sun criminal organization, it’s leader Prince Xizor, and his personal fleet of Star Viper fighters . A heavy fighter used by Black Sun almost exclusively it was expensive and so never mass produced and rarely seen. But that didn’t stop it from being cool. Like all good Star Wars fighters it can transform for hyperspace travel when it’s four wings fold back with those honking huge guns tuck away to become sleek and elegant. The Star Viper looks very different from any other ship seen in Star Wars at the time, yet still feels like a Star Wars fighter. That’s not easy to do with expansion material. Also, this ship always reminded me of Star Wars attempt to clone The Last Starfighter’s Gunstar, which¬†is a-ok in my book. As fast as a TIE Interceptor but as heavily armed as an assault ship the Star Viper was¬†not to be taken lightly. While in flight it’s four wings could move around¬†as they had small thrusters on the sides which increased the ship’s maneuverability and made the ship look like a jellyfish in combat. It’s too bad the design got sandwiched between episodes V and VI because I would have loved to see Star Vipers¬†blow up Rebels and Imperials on the big screen.