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Ten Best Movie Trailers


The Ten Best Movie Trailers Of All Time

What’s one of the best parts of going to see any movie?

Getting there in time to watch the trailer’s of course.

Basically extended commercials, movies can live and die by the quality of their trailer. Sometimes the trailer shows too much of a film and spoils any surprises that may be waiting in store. (Terminator: Genisys I’m looking at you) or show hardly anything at all and leave the audience with confusing expectations like the original Matrix trailer did.

Making a great trailer is an art form onto itself. One in which you only have two minutes to get your cinematic hooks into the viewer and convince them that the movie being advertises is worth seeing. Quick cuts, fiery explosions, witty one liners, and passionate kisses are the paints in which a trailer editor works. It’s amazing what kind of mini movies these guys and gals can make given the time constraints forced upon them when you sit back and really think about it.

Crowd watching a movie

But sometimes, just sometimes, a trailer comes around that’s so memorable they can stand on their own as great onto themselves. Even if the actual movie turns out to be a clunker or box office bomb, at least the trailer ended up being better than the movie.

What follows are the ten best trailers ever made. Ones worthy enough to leave the house early to make it to the theater ahead of time.