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10 Throwback Scary Movies To Put You In A Halloween Mood

10 Best Throwback Scary Movies for Halloween

Halloween is only a few weeks away and the looming date of that holiday has set me thinking about pictures that can get one in the proper spirit for the occasion. When you mention the word Halloween invariably horror movies come to mind. Now, there is no doubt that films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Paranormal Activity, I Know What You Did Last Summer and of course John Capenter’s classic that shares the holiday’s name have “Halloween” written all over them. But, there are other movies from years past that I think can be considered to be appropriate fare. So, what follows are my picks for the best scary movies to watch before and on Halloween.


1. Misery

Though it’s set in Colorado in the dead of Winter, this movie  is well- suited for Halloween. The story of famed romance novel writer Paul Sheldon, (James Caan) being trapped in the home of Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates)- his psychotic number one fan- has all the makings of a great film to see on all hallows eve. In my humble opinion, the most exciting and worthy aspect is that the way Bates portrays Wilkes is so chilling it will send shivers down your spine and demonstrates that her fear inducing chops were well in place long before (God help you, if you cross her and she starts calling you a “dirty bird,” or if you try to escape from her home your legs will get a good “hobbling.”) American Horror story. Moreover, it’s Filled with constant suspense and humor along with fabulous direction by Rob Reiner, riveting performances and great writing. Finally, being adapted from a novel by the master of horror, Stephen King, certainly doesn’t diminish it. Therefore, you can’t’ get any better than Misery when looking for something to put you in a Halloween mood.