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The Martian Review

The Martian Review: Ridley Scott and Matt Damon find their movie magic again. On Mars of all places.

Ridley Scott has confused me somewhat over the last few years. His output has been steady to the point of releasing a film at an annual basis. His last handful of movies left me cold and underwhelmed. He seemed to be chasing quantity rather than taking the time to focus on quality. Understandably, I went into The Martian with some trepidation. Was this going to be another critical flop from such a prolific director, or would all the pieces at play come together to give us a fun, entertaining, and thought provoking movie? I won’t leave you sitting in suspense. The Martian is a very good film. Ridley Scott seems to have found some magic left in his bag of tricks and delivers a heck of a good time. This is a movie review, however, so I can’t simply leave it at that. Let’s take a closer look at what The Martian had going for it.


The movie plops us right into the middle of the action. We’re instantly treated to the wide, dusty red vista’s of mysterious Mars. A team of astronauts are diligently performing their duties gathering soil samples and other scientific duties. It’s not long after (and I do mean not long) that a massive storm derails the mission and they’re forced to evacuate. While on their way back to the escape craft astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is struck by debris and left for dead. That entire sequence makes for an attention hooking, exciting opening, but I do wish that there had been a little more with the team as a whole. Sure, prior to the accident we get tons of witty banter and a clear picture of the camaraderie between them all, but a little more of that would have perhaps given us a larger emotional investment into Watney’s ordeal and his team’s determination to get him back. Nevertheless the crew returns to their ship and heads back to Earth, unaware that Watney is alive.


The rest of the film details Watney’s survival attempts. Though in a dire situation he’s in good spirits, which helps the audience have fun. Intercut with Watney’s chores are the actions of NASA who must walk the line between risking a mission to save Watney and keeping public approval high while understanding that Watney is in a no win scenario. Jeff Daniels plays the head of NASA, and while he does a fine job he’s a little too unnecessarily villainous at times. It’s hinted at and perhaps mentioned in passing that the future of the entire space program could lie upon what the public, and more importantly, what the Mars crew know of Watney’s situation. Eventually they break down and inform the Mars crew about Watney’s survival and naturally his team wants to rescue him. Using some fancy space maneuvers and a little bit of Chinese intervention the team manages to get back to Mars and perform the daring rescue of this plucky astronaut we’ve grown to love. It’s a suitably happy ending for a film the maintains an optimistic point of view it’s entire run time.


The Martian is a film with all the necessary pieces for a cinematic classics. By and large everything fires on all cylinders and it’s a rip roaring good time throughout. As mentioned above I felt like Jeff Daniels character needed a better spotlight on his motivations to avoid just being a weak villain, which that character wasn’t. He was a big picture bureaucrat who’s interest centered on the entire space program rather than a single life. Speaking of life there were times the stakes didn’t carry the gravity they should have. Though Watney was in constant danger I never felt like he was ever truly at risk. It was a little too easy to sit back, watch, and know Mark Watney will make it home safe and sound. Spoiler warning: There are zero casualties in this film. Everyone gets to go home to their lives and families no worse for wear. I feel like a zealot calling for blood, but perhaps if one of the more background crew members had perished in the rescue attempt the heavy stakes I was looking for would have been there. The Mar’s crew brought a lot of warmth and character to the film, but I would have liked more of them. Still, all that said, I had a great time watching this movie. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to get some fun, well made entertainment. 

10 Exciting Fall Movies 2015

10 Exciting Fall Movies 2015

With Halloween around the corner, the Major League Baseball playoffs about to start, and Columbus Day fast approaching, I think that it is safe to say that Fall is in more than full swing. As a result of this fact, I have come to start thinking about all of the films I would like to see during this time of year. This period for me is always interesting as it seems that most major studios and even some independent companies will save what they contend to be some of their best material for this period. Although, it may not be as exciting as in December when the Golden Globe nominations are announced and thus the general public gets to see what the studios consider to be their gems, it still is worthy of more than some notice. Furthermore, some Oscar contenders can emerge now and have in the past. The Insider, American Beauty, and Lost In Translation are three examples that come to mind from previous years. So, I present you with the 10 Fall movies I can’t wait to see.

Matt-Damon The Martian

1. The Martian

As a long time fan of Matt Damon and one who enjoys the occasional Sci-Fi story I’m looking forward to this one. Damon plays Mark Watney an astronaut who is presumed dead and then left behind on a future manned mission to Mars. Watney must learn how to survive on a foreign planet with no way to get home until help arrives.

The concept in itself is very intriguing and quite universal as what is more basic than the need to survive and what some people will undergo to do so.

This idea can only be augmented by what I’m sure at the very least, will be more than adequate direction from Ridley Scott and I’m almost certain of good performances from the likes of Jessica Chastain and Jeff Daniels. Both of whom, I’ve yet to see deliver a sub par performance. More than your average space opera, this movie could have the same far reaching message and excitement as Gravity from 2013. Therefore, I’m not surprised it’s already topped the box office in recent days.

Finally, on a brief personal note being an admirer of his, I would like to see Matt Damon give a great performance (I can’t think of a film where he hasn’t.) and do so in an excellent commercially successful movie. In my opinion, the last great performance of his that I saw was in Contagion and the last big hit I remember him having was the brilliant, Bourne Ultimatum. So, I’m rooting for this one and can’t wait to get my tickets.