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Malice: A Good Early 90’s Mystery Movie

Malice: A Good Early 90’s Mystery Movie

What I Remembered: Malice was a movie that I missed when it came out and because of that it took me a long time to see it. The main cast of Alec Baldwin, Bill Pullman, and Nicole Kidman had roused my curiosity since all were very good actors. Still, I put off watching it figuring that there must have been something wrong with it if I had avoided it for such a long period of time. But, a few years ago when I was desperate to see something new, I decided to give it a shot. Viewing it again recently, what I found was a good movie with an interesting story and a more than adequate plot twist.


The Story: Malice is centered around its main character Andy Safian (Bill Pullman) the dean of a prestigious all female college in Massachusetts. Andy is happily married to his wife Tracy (Nicole Kidman) with whom he is desperate to have a child. At the beginning of the picture, Andy rushes to the local hospital because one of his students has been attacked and sexually assaulted in her home. The attack follows the same pattern as those of two other students of the college who have suffered the same fate from a serial rapist that the local police have been unable to catch. It appears that the young woman is so badly injured the she may not survive, but after some near miracle work by Jed Hill (Alec Baldwin) the highly talented new hot shot surgeon at the hospital, she survives. Andy goes to speak with Jed after the surgery is complete to thank him for his work and they discover that they went to high school together. Jed is very cool and charming much like he was in high school and the best way to describe it is that Andy has a non-sexual man crash on him. As Andy is about to leave the hospital he runs into to Tracy who volunteers there, and he briefly introduces her to Jed.

malice nicole kidman

Andy and Jed then develop a fast friendship. When Jed tells Andy that he can’t find a place to live in town Andy who is strapped for cash, and in need of a renter in the spacious Old Victorian home that he shares with Tracy, offers to let Jed rent his down stairs bedroom. Jed accepts and after some slight resistance from Tracy, he moves in. The latter soon comes to find the living arrangement to be slightly annoying particularly one evening when Jed spends hours in bed with a nurse from the hospital which keeps Tracy and Andy from falling asleep. Tracy is also struggling with terrible stomach pains which are preventing her from getting pregnant and is resentful of the fact that Jed knows about her condition.

Later one evening when Tracy takes a serious turn for the worse and she is in need of surgery her, Andy and Jed’s path collide in a way that was not anticipated. What happens after this, will alter Andy’s life forever.

Technical Details: Malice was not an extraordinary piece of work, but it was good. Harold Becker did a satisfactory job directing especially with the film’s pacing as it moves along quite well. Another facet. of his direction was his ability to create the environment that all of the characters inhabit in an interesting and fairly realistic way. In addition to this, Aaron Sorkin, Jonas McCord, and Scott Frank delivered a very good screenplay. I think that one of the attributes of the script was that it contained all of the exemplary elements of a Sorkin penned work, but because there were other writers involved with it, the aspects of his writing that I find boring and slightly annoying were not present. His often overly sophisticated , staccato, vocabulary laden dialogue was barely there, which made the screenplay more enjoyable than I usually find his work. By the same token the subplot of the serial rapist further augmented the plot and flow of the story.

Finally, the acting was almost excellent, but there are unfortunately a few moments where it feels a bit contrived. Kidman and Pullman were very convincing and had good chemistry as a couple. Along with this, Josef Sommer, Bebe Neuwirth, and George C. Scott were great in supporting parts and Gwyneth Paltow and Anne Bancroft made two memorable, but brief appearances in their respective roles. However, in my humble opinion, Alec Baldwin was the star. He played the role of the cocky Jed Hill wonderfully. Seeing him in his heyday was a reminder that despite his vast personal problems he can be a great actor.

End Credits: Malice was not a great movie, but it was a good movie. It has an intriguing, original story and good performances. It is interesting and entertaining and it leaves you curious to see how it will end. You can’t ask for much more from a film in its genre. So, if you’re seeing it for the nearly two hours that it takes to do so, it will be time well spent.

Want To See A Movie On Halloween? Try The Vanishing

Want To See A Movie On Halloween? Try The Vanishing

What I Remembered: Being pretty young at the time The Vanishing was released in 1993, I vaguely remember seeing the trailer somewhere. That being said, the concept behind the film hooked me and I was eager to see it. Once I did, I saw a film that was extremely well put together, suspenseful, and genuinely scary. Having seen it again recently, I feel the same way as I did then. This is an excellent movie that can be seen at any time, but is certainly something worth viewing on Halloween.

The Story: The Vanishing is mostly the story of Jeff Harriman (Keifer Sutherland). As the movie begins, Jeff is a copywriter and aspiring novelist who is taking a brief vacation with his girlfriend Dianne Shaver(Sandra Bullock) to Mount St. Helens in the state of Washington. It is implied that Jeff and Dianne have ventured to the now dormant volcano to take a thrill seeking biking trip. But at the last moment, Dianne becomes fearful and asks Jeff to turn back. Jeff who is annoyed at her last minute change of heart, decides to drive back with her to their home in Seattle. As they are driving through a tunnel their jeep runs out of gas. They are now stuck in the dark tunnel and Dianne becomes terrified that they are going to be hit by another car and is angry at Jeff for not having stopped at the many gas stations they saw on the way when she kept notifying him that their gas tank was getting low. Jeff who is already upset with Dianne for canceling the trip becomes even more angry when she will not leave the car with him immediately in order to get a flashlight. Jeff then leaves a now almost hysterical Dianne to go get gas.

the vanishing sandra bullock

When he returns to the car, Dianne is gone and he is now worried. He eventually finds her completely unharmed and they make up after the incident. As they are about to begin their drive home, Dianne asks Jeff to pull into a rest area. After he promises to never leave her again she gives him a gift of a gold lighter that she wants him to use to help her light her cigarettes. Jeff is obviously touched by the gesture and it is indirectly indicated that for them this act is a step towards marriage. Dianne then states that she is ready to continue their trip home, but first she has to visit the bathroom. Jeff waits and waits and Dianne never returns.

Jeff will then spend years of his life struggling to find out what happened to her. When he is contacted by and then meets Barney (Jeff Bridges) a chemistry professor who claims to know everything that happened to Dianne, his life will never be the same.

Technical Details: At least from where I sit there is very little that is technically wrong with The Vanishing. George Sluzier did a superb job of directing this English language version of the Dutch film that he helmed, while Todd Graff delivered an excellent screenplay adapted from the first movie and the novel that it was based on. One exceptional key feature of this picture was it’s ability to remain suspenseful and compelling throughout. As a result of top notch editing and pacing, there was a never a dull moment. But for all of these attributes, the most important component of The Vanishing was the outstanding performances of its actors.

Sandra Bullock and Nancy Travis were excellent, but by far the standouts were Sutherland and Bridges. Sutherland played the tormented and haunted Jeff Harriman in such a realistic way that he engendered a tremendous amount of sympathy for his character. This was especially evident at the emotion he displayed when he first realized that Dianne was missing as the onset of panic began to grip him.

jeff bridges the vanishing

Similarly, Bridges was so incredibly creepy and frightening as Barney he made the hairs on my neck stand up and still does. It was a credit to his immense talent and range that the could play this character so well and later be able to play The Dude in The Big Lebowski and Jackson Evans in The Contender so convincingly as well. In fact, he was so good in the role of Barney that he is one of the reasons I’m very careful in rest stop and gas station bathrooms to this day.

End Credits: The Vanishing is an expertly plotted, well-acted exciting movie whose quality does not diminish with time. It can be watched any time of the year, but around Halloween it provides all the fright that you will need. It portrays one of the worst fears of many people so vividly that it is almost astonishing. Perhaps, most importantly with Halloween coming up, it shows that those whom we should fear the most are not ghosts or goblins or werewolves or vampires, but other humans who have no conscience and whose only intent is to do harm.

Ultimate Facts: Paranormal Activity Films

Paranormal activity poster1

Ultimate Facts: Paranormal Activity

– Paranormal Activity was released on September 25, 2009.

– Runtime: 86 minutes.

– Produced by Blumhouse Productions.

– Written and directed by Oren Peli.

– Paranormal Activity is Oren Peli‘s directorial debut.

– With a budget of 15,000 Paranormal Activity made 193.4 million dollars at the box office.

– Paranormal Activity is the the second most profitable film ever made based on a return of investment. The most profitable is The Blair Witch Project which cost $22,000 and made $240.5 Million)Paramount bought the domestic distribution rights for the film and any sequels for $300,000.

Paranormal activity katie and micah

– Paranormal Activity stars Katie Featherston as Katie and Micah Sloat as Micah.

– Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat were reportedly paid just US$500 each for their performances. But due to the success of the film, the director, Katie and Micah are now renegotiating the amount.

– For the films’ premiere Katie and Micah purposely stayed away from the screening to lead credence to the fact they were supposed to be dead.

paranormal-activity katie

– Katie Featherston is the only actress to appear in all of the films in the series.

– The actors weren’t given scripts but were instead given guidelines on how to behave or what to discuss in their scenes.

Paranormal activity gif

– The film has three alternate endings.

– In the original ending Katie returns the bedroom in a bloody trance holding the knife she kills Micah with. A neighbors discovers Micah’s body and calls the cops who arrive and shine a light on Katie. She comes at them and a started cop shoots her dead.

– In the 2nd version Katie returns to face the camera after killing Micah and slits her throat.

– The 3rd ending had Katie beating Micah to death his his camera, all from the camera’s point of view. It was proposed but never shot.

– Steven Spielberg had to stop watching the film halfway through on a home screener as he was genuinely spooked by the experience. While watching the film all the doors in his bedroom supposedly locked for no reason. He completed the film  the next day and loved it, but brought the DVD to work in a paper bag as he thought it was haunted.

– The original ending was changed at the suggestion of Steven Spielberg.

– During the first test screenings, people started leaving the theater. Originally the crew thought this was because the film wasn’t going over very well with its audience, only to discover that people left the auditorium because they couldn’t handle the intensity of the piece.


– The entire movie was filmed in director Oren Peli‘s own home.

– To get his house ready for filming Oren Peli spent a year redecorating his house. The walls were originally stark white in every room and there was no railing to the staircase.

– Oren Peli got the idea for the movie from a personal experience. Late at night he was sleeping and a box of detergent fell off the shelf. The box was pushed too far back for it to just tilt and fall.

– Oren Peli shot the entire film with a home digital camera.


– All the crew had to wear black clothes at all times so that no colored reflections would show up on the walls or wooden floors.

– Micah Sloat had some filming experience as a cameramen back in college. Director Oren Peli often had to tell Micah to do a worse job filming as his shots looked too professional.

– Because of the cramped filming conditions many of the bumps in the night had to be added post production forcing the actors to react to imaginary sounds while filming. Paranormal Activity was filmed in just 10 days.

– The film was shot in 2006 but did not make into theaters until three years after.


– Dreamworks wanted to remake the movie with a bigger budget and better known actors rather than release the film as it was and use the original as a DVD extra.

– All the special effects were practically done in-camera, enhanced by director Oren Pelion his PC.

– Paranormal Activity contains no opening or closing credits.

– Oren Peli bought the Ouija board used in the film at his local Costco.

– The book Micah consults is a 1971 trade paperback from Dover Publications titled “Picture Book of Devils, Demons and Witchcraft“, by Ernst and Johanna Lehner.


– The role of Dr. Johann Averies was cast with a real Paranormal Investigator from the Independent Investigations Group, Spencer Marks. The role was shot to help explain certain anomalies in the film. The role was predominantly mentioned in the movie, but the footage never used.

– Paramount Studios utilized paranormal researcher, Christopher Chacon, who is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on paranormal phenomena, to promote and publicize the film. Chacon also works in the entertainment industry as a writer, director and producer.


– Survivor runner-up Katie Gallagher was originally cast to play the role of Katie, but was laid off because Oren Peli decided she was too “well-known” to keep the film as real as possible. Coincidentally, both Katie Gallagher and Katie Featherston have the same name as each other, and the main character.

– The death metal band on the television in the first shot of the film is Disgorge, from San Diego, performing their song “Consume the Forsaken“.

– Body Count: 1 (Micah)

Throwback Review: Kiss the Girls

kiss the girls

After Looking At It Again, Kiss the Girls Is A Great Thriller

What I Remembered: I first saw Kiss the Girls shortly after it came out in 1997. I was not familiar with James Patterson’s books featuring Alex Cross, but the trailer left me intrigued. When I saw it in the theater, I was quite disturbed by it. I guess you could chalk this up to my being fairly young when I saw it. I found the various crimes being shown towards young women to be quite unsettling and so I wrote it off as just another grisly picture. However, eight years later while searching for something to watch and being a fan of the movie Along Came A Spider, I decided to give it another try. I was shocked at how wrong my initial feelings towards it were. I saw a film that was expertly written, well plotted, directed in an exemplary way and filled with acting of high-quality.

The Story: Kiss the Girls centers around its protagonist the famed Washington D.C. police detective and forensic psychologist, Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman). Dr. Cross has written a best selling nonfiction crime book and as a result he has attained a certain notoriety. But, his profession invades his personal life when his niece named Naomi (Gena Revera) is abducted in Durham, North Carolina while attending law school there. She is the victim of a serial murderer, kidnapper and rapist named Cassanova who has been snatching attractive, young and talented women throughout the Durham area for a considerable period of time.

kiss-the-girls morgan freeman

Out of concern for his niece, Alex ventures to Durham to assist in apprehending Cassanova and solving the disappearances of many of the women who have been taken. When he first arrives the local police are a little standoffish about having such an acclaimed police man on their turf. But, their resistance drops when they realize that his niece is one of the victims. In addition to local police resistance, Alex is greeted by the news that one of the girls abducted has been found murdered. He is relieved that the young woman is not his niece, but her death leads him to a revelation never grasped by the cops in Durham. This is that Cassanova’s first choice is not to kill his victims. Rather, he means to accumulate them in what can best be described as a collection.

Shortly after this realization, Dr. Kate McTiernan (Ashley Judd) a woman who works at a medical center located on the university campus where Naomi was taken, is seized from her own home in the middle of the night. Kate is kept in a dark cell type room in an undefinable type of building and soon discovers that the place she is being held is filled with other women. Yet unlike his other victims, Cassanova (A man who speaks in a soft voice and wears a terrifying mask.) is unable to fully intimidate Kate and she is able to fight him off using kickboxing skills that she has acquired. She escapes from his lair in the woods and survives by diving into a river to get away. When Kate recovers from her injuries she begins to help Alex try to solve the case, which leads to some very exciting moments and a spell binding conclusion with an excellent twist.

Technical Details: Kiss the Girls was a first rate thriller. Gary Fleder’s direction was great. Through the use of good cinematography, locations, and editing he was able to create an atmosphere of fear and excitement throughout. In addition, David Klass wrote a what appeared to be a well adapted version of Patterson’s book. (Having never read the source material I can’t speak to this with much authority.) But, without question as with almost any good movie, the performances carry it through.

Jay O. Sanders, Tony Goldwyn, Cary Elwes, and Brian Cox are all fine members of an enviable supporting cast. The standouts in the picture though are Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd.

Freeman was at his finest as Cross. He played the brilliant, tough, sensitive, and paternal figure with great realism and like ability. (This is a feat in itself considering the fact that in the novels Cross is a young hot shot detective and not a paternal type.) Were he not so top notch in it, the movie would fold.

kiss the girls ashley judd

Similarly, Ashley Judd was excellent as Kate. She created a character that was intelligent, decent, strong willed, well-mannered and felt like a full person. In my estimation, this piece showed that she was more than just a member of a famous family and a true talent in her own right and in her own profession.

End Credits: Kiss the Girls is an excellent film. It is a wonderful piece of suspense that will keep you guessing to the very end. It possesses all of the great qualities of of a movie in its genre. It is exciting. It is intelligent and it is NEVER boring. If you saw it years ago and had the same reaction that I did, you should take it in again, your mind might change.  If you haven’t, you should. Just make sure that you lock your doors after you do

Throwback Review: Out of Time

out of time

Out of Time was a thriller that was released in 2003 and it starred Denzel Washington, Eva Mendes and Dean Cain. It was directed by Carl Franklin and written by David Collard.
What I Remember: I was encouraged to rent this by a friend who had seen it in desperation and ended up liking it. Even though I’m a fan of Denzel Washington based on the previews and the fact that I was unaware of the director, I did not have high hopes for it. However, I came away from it pleasantly surprised. I found it to be an entertaining and engaging picture that was fun to watch. Since I had a good recollection of it, recently I decided to give it another look. Despite the fact that it had some flaws, my opinion did not change too much.

The Story: Out of Time centers around Mathias Lee Whitlock (Washington) who is the chief of police of the Florida keys town of Banyan Key. At the start of the movie he is presently about to be divorced from his detective wife, Alex(Mendes) and is in the midst of an affair with his former high school flame, Ann Mari Harrison (Sanna Lathan). Complicating matters further, Ann is married to a cocky former professional football player named Chris (Dean Cain). Mathias often sneaks away for trysts with Ann and although Chris never acknowledges this there is a tension bordering on violence between Matt and Chris whenever they interact.

Despite the problems in his personal life, Matt has just come off a professional triumph. This is the arrest of a high profile drug dealer named Scarcetti. Through the arrest Matt was able to obtain nearly half a million dollars cash in drug money that the criminal had stashed away. For his success, he has been receiving high praise among the local media in Banyan Key and among law enforcement throughout the state.

Matt and Ann’s affair becomes increasingly passionate and is fueled even more by the fact that Chris seems to be committing spousal abuse towards Ann. After having spent the night together while Chris is away on a weekend hunting trip, Matt accompanies Ann to an appointment with her oncologist who informs her that her cancer once thought to be in remission has returned with a vengeance. Because of her poor health, Ann is informed she only has six months to live. Matt is understandably upset at this news and tries to convince Ann to try some experimental medical procedures in Europe which are very costly. When Ann’s efforts to make this happen seem to fail, Matt removes the money obtained in the Scarcetti case from his evidence locker and intends to use to it to pay for Ann’s treatment and run away with her forever. Prior to this decision, Ann also makes Matt the sole beneficiary of her life insurance policy. But, when Ann and Chris supposedly die in a house fire caused by arson the night that Matt and Ann are meant to leave town for good, Matt finds himself in a terrible quandary. Matt is now in way over his head. Ann has been seemingly murdered. Matt is entitled to receive her death benefits and the drug money from his prized arrest has gone missing. Matt is now forced to get out of this jam, but how will he?

outoftime denzel

Technical Details: Out of Time is a well put together piece of work. Franklin’s direction is very good as he perfectly captures all of the tension involved in the story’s complex relationships, and the atmosphere of the apparently care free fishing town where this tale transpires. In addition, the script is well structured, the editing is very good and the pacing is excellent.

The acting is most certainly the best feature of the movie though. Mendes and Lathan give good performances and Dean Cain is great as the antagonist to Washington. But, without question Denzel is the most compelling aspect. He plays the character of Mathias with an admirable studied casualness and it is enjoyable watching him navigate with impressive intellect all of the crises that befall him at every passing turn. In short, he is the epitome of cool and intelligence.

There is not much in Out of Time that I can find wrong with it. I suppose the only issue that I had is that some aspects of Ann’s life insurance policy are not clearly explained, but that does not derail the picture’s good qualities.

End Credits: This is not the most extraordinarily conceived or executed work of cinema ever made, but it is a good one. If you’re looking for an exciting, entertaining and smart movie you should give it a shot. If you’re a fan of a good thriller you won’t be disappointed.

Child 44


There is no murder in paradise. That statement opens up Child 44 and presents us with an interesting premise. In a propaganda filled world such as the Soviet Union after World War II we are told that murder is a capitalist disease. Surely in a communist utopia like the USSR no one would feel the urge to commit such a heinous crime. As we all know, however, human nature is unavoidable and murder does happen. Child 44 is a film about a string of murders that the authorities do not dare solve, for fear of dissolving the illusion of paradise. I was hooked by the premise, but how did the rest of the film stack up? Let’s take a look.


As I mentioned above this a flick that takes place in the Soviet Union after World War II, and as such there’s a great deal of paranoia and tension as the secret police hunt down so called “traitors. Our lead character Leo Demidov, played remarkably well by Tom Hardy, is one such secret police officer who we’re told is one of their best investigators. His closest friend and fellow officer Alexei (Fares Fares) finds his son murdered, though the official government report says the young boy died in a train accident. After all, can’t have murder in paradise. As the title suggests Alexei’s son is not the first. The government has been suppressing a number of child murders. At first Demidov tows the party line and goes along with these official reports, but after a string of curious, and sometimes confusing events, he unravels the mystery of the slayings. As with many crime thrillers of this nature it’s not so much the who or what, it’s about the how. I won’t spoil the ending here, but I will say the end is very underwhelming.


It’s hard for me to say what this film was truly about. It’s a film about a string of child murders being denied by the communist government, but not really. It’s a film about a disgraced secret police officer standing against the tide of communist propaganda to seek the truth, but not really. It’s a film about so many things, but not really, and that’s the major problem I had with it. Child 44 was adapted from a novel and it’s very apparent when watching the film that you’d need to read said novel in order to understand a great many events and connections taking place in the film. I went to the film with someone who had read the book and they said a lot of the characters and a few of the events were still in the film, but the connective tissue that would make those elements make sense was missing. The villains in the movie, of which there are really only two, don’t have clear motivations or character arcs. We’re introduced to one early in the film, who’s shown to be cowardly and meek, then we flash forward a few years and he’s this moustache twirling villain. How did this man get like that? The same type of head scratching ambiguity surrounds the actual child murderer. When he’s introduced in the movie it’s clear as day that he’s the serial killer, but we don’t get to know him. We don’t get to know why he does what he does. Perhaps it’s hinted at in dialogue, but I didn’t feel it was done explicitly enough to get the point across the audience. Child 44 ultimately feels like it could have worked much better as a Netflix mini series. It’s a large story that got short changed down to a two hour movie.

On the more technical side of things I felt Child 44 did not succeed either. The cinematography was dull and uninspiring, and was done almost entirely with a handheld style. Certain calmer, more emotional moments in the film are completely ruined by bouncy, distracting camera work.  The performances were all very good, at the very least, with Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace giving it their all. Even Joel Kinnaman, who played the moustache twirling villain I mentioned above, does a fine job. Though we’re not given his whole story the performance doesn’t feel forced. It just feels like something got left out. Overall I can’t give this film a very high recommendation. If you really, really dig movies like this regardless of quality or if you are a diehard Tom Hardy fan I suppose I could see you getting something out of it, but for me it all felt very, very flat. It’s a shame to see an interesting concept get bogged down by an uninteresting film.

Throwback Review: The East


An Excellent Movie That You May Have Overlooked

The East is a 2013 thriller. It stars Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgard, Ellen Page and Patricia Clarkson. It was directed by Zal Batmanglij. It was written by the former and Brit Marling.

What I Remember: When The East was released in 2013, I paid little attention to it. After all, it was a film that had been helmed by a director I didn’t know and was full of either actors I was barely aware of or had no idea existed. However, after seeing Marling and Batmanglij’s previous collaboration, a movie called Sound of My Voice, I thought I should give it a shot. So, one evening wanting to watch a new picture, I put it on completely expecting to turn it off in ten minutes. My initial assumptions could not have been more incorrect.

What I found was an expertly written, very well acted, interestingly, conceived, original piece of work that made a significant impact upon me.

The Story: The great strength of this film is its highly entertaining plot and watching it unfold. Therefore, I hesitate to divulge too much about it as it will rob any future viewers of its most attractive feature. But, I’ll describe it in the following brief manner.

An evangelical Christian former FBI agent (Marling) who now works for a sophisticated private intelligence firm, goes undercover to investigate a domestic eco- terrorist organization named the East. The East attacks corporations that it feels pollute and destroy the environment or provide the public with pharmaceutical drugs that will ultimately harm it. Furthermore, the organization is filled with counter culture types in their twenties who have anarchist sympathies.

The operative who uses the alias Sarah when she’s undercover, is able to infiltrate the East. But, she soon finds herself becoming attached to most members of the group, interested in their lifestyle, sympathetic to their cause, and increasingly drawn and sexually attracted to its charismatic leader named Benji (Skarsgard).

Where this journey will take her will ultimately changer her life forever.

the east

Technical Details: The East is skillfully done. Its directing is top notch, its cinematography is wonderfully atmospheric, (You can feel every moment of the film in your bones.) its plot is well crafted and executed and every actor in it delivers a strong performance. In particular, Marling is very convincing at portraying Sarah’s evolution from a straight laced, dedicated covert operative to a conflicted supporter.

I would say that the film’s only drawbacks are its slight lacks of exposition and character development. It is just missing more information about each character’s background and motivation. Furthermore, it never really indicates how great a threat the terror network is to the corporations it harms or the national security of the United States. That being said, this lack of details does not diminish its power too much.

End Credits: The East is a relatively hidden gem. I”m not sure how well it did at the box office, but I believe however well it did, it should have done better. It has all the hallmarks of a good film and it’s a shame that it appears to have been over looked. It is well worth your time to sit down and watch it. If you do, I doubt that you will be disappointed.