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Samus Aran Appears in a Short film “Metroid: The Sky Falls”


New Fan Made Metroid Film is Released on the Internet. And is Amazing

The gaming community is undergoing a moment of frenzy with the release of Metroid: The Sky Falls, a short film about Samus Aran, a fan favorite video game character that has made multiple appearances on Nintendo’s Metroid and Super Smash Bros. series. 

Rainfall, the Los Angles production studio that released the Wonder Woman short film back in 2013 with over five millions viewers, has presented what many fans of the Metroid game franchise and sci-fi viewers had hoped for. The visual effects are nothing of a high budget standard, yet the story is flawlessly captivating throughout the short film.

Directed by Sam Balcomb with Jessica Chobot (Nerdist) and America Young, watch the new Metroid: The Sky Falls below:


Could this be a new path to a blockbuster release of video game franchises? Nintendo recently announced that they will start making movies again, although they completely bombed with the Super Mario Bros. back in 1993.

Just beginning of this year, there were rumors about Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda being developed into an animated series by Netflix. But this has neither been confirmed nor denied by both Nintendo and Netflix.

With this whole super hero trend saturating the theaters, it’s possible the studios are now aiming at video game franchises to seek future productions. If that’s the case, let’s seriously hope for movie similar to this Metroid short.

And, yes, Samus Aran in Metroid is a female and that is awesome.