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10 Exciting Fall Movies 2015

tom hanks bridge of spies

3. Bridge of Spies

This story about an American lawyer who takes the case of a Soviet spy who may be swapped for a downed American pilot during the height of the Cold War, is certainly an interesting premise that alone would catch my attention. But, when you factor in that this was directed by Steven Spielberg and that it stars his fantastic friend Tom Hanks, there is very little reason not to see it.

This is more than enough for me, but if is not enough for you, consider this. It may make some salient points about what we consider justice, the necessity to do what one thinks is morally and ethically right over the vehement objections of others and how much value the Constitution has to us as Americans. Furthermore, the acting, direction and cinematography look appealing. Based on these factors, I don’t see how you could say no this one.

Also, on another a small personal note my great- grandmother emigrated to West Berlin after the end of World War II and was living there during the time presented in the picture. So, I’m curious to see what life might have been like for her then.
I would buy my tickets today if I could.

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