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10 Exciting Fall Movies 2015

bond spectre

4. Spectre

I LOVE James Bond movies. So, they are always a must see for me no matter how mediocre they may look, but this could be as excellent as its predecessor, Skyfall. The trailer doesn’t reveal much, but the fact that it was directed by Sam Mendes who did such an exemplary job last time around and has a script penned in part by Neal Purvis who was involved in the writing of Casino Royale, I have much to be hopeful for. In addition to this, when you factor in such talents as Christoph Walz and Ralph Fiennes will be part of the supporting cast there is reason for some excitement. Most importantly for me though,(This is of course aside from my curiosity about which Bond girls will appear in this one.) is that Daniel Craig will once again be playing 007. Even though it’s been nearly nine years since he took over the franchise, he plays Bond with such a freshness and originality that he is never boring to watch. He and Pierce Brosnan are my two favorite Bonds of the last twenty five years and I’m pumped for this one.

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