Matt-Damon The Martian

10 Exciting Fall Movies 2015


6. Our Brand Is Crisis

In this picture, Sandra Bullock plays an American political operative who faces off against her chief rival, Billy Bob Thornton, during an election in a fragile South American democracy. Bullock appears to have the potential to once again perform in a top notch way and having previously been in Primary Colors, Thornton is mining what might be some familiar territory here. Along with its impressive cast, it was directed by David Gordon Green who helmed a very interesting and poignant movie called All The Real Girls in 2003. And, let’s not over look the fact that George Clooney who tends to have very good taste, produced it. Therefore, it must have some weight and substance. My only fear is that like some political films it may get too boring, slanted, or sanctimonious, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be skipping it.

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