Matt-Damon The Martian

10 Exciting Fall Movies 2015


7. Everest

I was very intrigued when I first heard that a movie was being made about the 1996 disaster on Mount Everest. Having devoured Jon Krakauer’s astounding book Into Thin Air, there was no doubt about seeing this one in a theater for me. I’m also hopeful that the filmmakers will put forth a similar piece of work as Krakauer’s book. But, I do have some trepidation based on the casting. To me, Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t appear to be the right person to portray Scott Fischer. Similarly, although he is a very talented and charismatic performer with a rugged persona, I don’t know if Josh Brolin’s attributes fit the person of Beck Weathers like a glove. Still, I expect Jason Clarke who was fantastic in Zero Dark Thirty, to do justice to the memory of Rob Hall with his portrayal.

I hope that through realistic cinematography and some movie magic this picture is able to depict the exhilaration, arduousness, and terror that are part of every expedition up Mount Everest as well as the brilliant documentary TV series Everest Beyond The Limit, did. Even more so, I hope that it honors the memories of those poor souls who perished during that freak storm nineteen years ago.

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