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10 Exciting Fall Movies 2015


9. Truth

I love Robert Redford and Cate Blanchette and this first offering from James Vanderbilt about how CBS News reported a story about President George W. Bush’s National Guard Service that was ultimately proven false and led to the end of Dan Rather’s career and that of his producer, is definitely an interesting subject to explore. It also has some relevance to the present day and how Brian Williams stature has been largely diminished by the lies that he told to the American public while sitting in the anchor chair. Based on this, it could explore how much we trust our newsmen and how betrayed we feel when they break that trust. When you add a good supporting cast to the mix, it is worth seeing.

But, based on the trailer, I fear that the filmmakers political leanings may get in the way of this one. Instead of creating an intriguing film about this controversy it seems like their seeking to exonerate the reporters involved and demonize those who questioned the authenticity of the story that they presented or even its pertinence to the 2004 election. I’ll see this one, but I hope that I see a good film instead of a piece of propaganda.

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