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10 Throwback Scary Movies To Put You In A Halloween Mood

session 9
2. Session 9

This piece about a professional cleaning crew who have been employed to refurbish a long closed mental asylum is a perfect fit for Halloween. Soon after their work begins all five members of the group begin to have all kinds of strange happenings occur to them. Each starts hearing voices and are disturbed by the different areas they must clean, all of which were once inhabited by the criminally insane. This only becomes exacerbated when Mike (Stephen Gevedon) the intellectual of the bunch, begins listening to the tapes of the psychiatric sessions of one of the long deceased inmates. From that point on, forces are unleashed that will have a profound impact on every individual present forever. But, aside from this psychologically thrilling component, the film is also is a bit of a meditation on what people will endure when in a financially precarious position. I also feel compelled to add that the writing, direction and performances are pretty good. So, Session 9 is another good piece of cinema for this time of the season. It contains, suspense, mystery, and a touch of the supernatural. What more could you ask for?

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