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10 Throwback Scary Movies To Put You In A Halloween Mood

3. The Fourth Kind

The only place I can think of where Halloween and aliens ever meet are in the many adventures of Kang and Kodos in their numerous appearances throughout The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials. However, if you’re searching for something to cause you a genuine fright, you should look no further than this movie. This film is ostensibly about a town in Alaska that has been experiencing continual disappearances of its townspeople for over forty years. Milla Jovovich plays Abbey Taylor, a woman seeking to crack the answer to this mystery. She soon finds that all of these strange happenings might be the work of aliens bent on abducting the townsfolk for reasons beyond anyone’s understanding. Along with its more than competent performances and writing, the film’s use of editing and the constant switch it makes between supposed home video footage of abductee’s reliving their experiences under hypnosis and the telling of the rest of the story in a more recognizable cinematic form that is often seen in many movies, will leave your hairs standing up. The line between fiction and reality get uncomfortably blurred when this transpires. In fact, I may lose my man card for admitting this, but when I finished seeing this movie, I had to sleep with the lights on in my house for a few hours until I felt calm enough to turn them off.  Thus, although it’s not in the tradition of Friday the 13th, it is just as scary.

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