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10 Throwback Scary Movies To Put You In A Halloween Mood

6. Murder By Numbers

This is another movie that is hardly Citizen Kane, but it could definitely get you ready for the darkest holiday of the year. This eerie tale about a female detective investigating the murder of a woman she suspects was committed by two spoiled, sadistic and psychopathic teenage boys certainly has enough blood and guts in it to stand along side Friday the 13th or anything of that ilk. But, the picture is not all that terrible. Sandra Bullock does a fairly convincing job of playing Detective Cassie Mayweather and Ryan Gosling and Michael Pitt give solid, if a bit contrived performances as the two suspected killers. The latter is at his creepy best in the role of Justin Pendleton. It was also ably directed by Barbet Schroder and the way the unfolding of the murder is revealed is not uninteresting. So, this movie is not spectacular, but it certainly calls for another look around this time of year, if you’re up for it.

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