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10 Throwback Scary Movies To Put You In A Halloween Mood

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9. Red Dragon

Halloween and Hannibal Lecter seem to go hand in hand especially if you’re ever privileged enough to take part in New York City’s Halloween parade, you will see one person after another dressed as Lecter. And, this film unlike a lot of other prequels is a great origin story that only enhances the movie that spawned it. At the picture’s beginning it is very entertaining to watch Lecter before he was known as the cannibalistic monster we are all familiar with as is F.B.I. agent Will Graham’s realization that Lecter is the killer he has been looking for. Furthermore, Edward Norton as Will Graham, Ralph Fiennes as Frances Dolarhyde and of course, Anthony Hopkins as Lecter are all top notch. Moreover, the murder scenes in it and Hopkins various moments as Lecter are spine chilling without being too gruesome. If you value getting sleep, watch Red Dragon on Halloween, but make sure you watch something else afterwards, it is perfectly suited for the last night in October.

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