20 Best Netflix Horror Movies

18. Housebound (2014)

Best for: Kids who can’t stand their parents.

HouseBound_Poster_11_Alt2Being under house arrest must suck. You can’t leave to go grab a pack of smokes. You have to order all your food to be delivered. You can’t even walk your dog. You’re stuck.

Being under house arrest in a haunted house. Well that’s way worse.

If you like over the top gore and outrageously scary situations then you owe it to yourself to stream Housebound on Netflix right away. If you can’t see the genius in the premise then you’re reading the wrong article.

Poor, Kylie is a young troubled woman who finds herself under house arrest for attempting to break into an ATM. Sentenced to eight months of house arrest with her annoying mother and step father she might as well be in prison. Soon after she finds herself stuck at home, Kylie begins to notice strange occurrences around the house which arouses suspicions by her security technician the house may be haunted. A ghost hunt soon follows but Kylie’s social case worker has doubts and believes Kylie may be suffering from delusion. Kylie not only has to stay alive while trapped in a haunted house she cannot leave, she has to deal with her clueless parents as the attacks get worse and worse.

Hosuebound is one of those films that knows exactly what it wants to do, and does it extremely well. It’s funny when it’s supposed to be, scary at just the right times, always creepy, and bloody as hell with every chance it gets. When the film was released it was the darling of the film festival circuit and New Line Cinema announced a US remake is in the pipe as the original was filmed in New Zealand.

17. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Best for: Quentin Tarantino fans. Vampire movie fans. Fans of Robert Rodriguez movies that aren’t CG kiddie flicks. People who like gory grindhouse  “B” movies. Fans of zombie movies. Fans of George Clooney.  Definitely for fans of Selma Hayek.

From-Dusk-Till-Dawn posterFrom Dusk Till Dawn is like a perfect little 90’s time capsule that deserves to be reopened every now and then. For as hokey as the film ends up being it is packed full with talent. Written by Quentin Tarantino but directed by Robert Rodriguez the movie is a perfect blend of their two film making styles. Like all Tarantino scripts, the dialogue is fast, sharp, witty, and engaging. Rodriguez is also over the top with ludicrously gory action pieces and his over abundance of latino machismo. It’s also worth noting From Dusk Till Dawn is George Clooney’s feature film debut. It’s a real kick watching him before he was a big time movie star.

If you’re not aware of the film’s premise, Clooney plays Seth Gecko, a career scumbag who along with his troubled younger brother (played by Quentin Tarantino) hijack a family and their RV to escape into Mexico after a lucrative bank heist. To celebrate their crossing of the border Seth takes the family to a biker bar/strip club called the “Titty Twister” where they will wait for his contact to arrive at dawn. If the can survive that long.

Unfortunately the Titty Twister is home to a brood of vampire strippers and bikers who turn on the brothers and family once the sun begins to set. Plenty of blood, boobs, and neck biting follow as the survivors arm themselves with holy water squirt guns and balloons, wooden table legs, and even a jackhammer to fight their way out of the horde of vampires intent on feasting and turning them all. It’s a real hoot.

If cheesy blood and gore is your bag, then you can do no wrong with From Dusk Till Dawn. And if you have time to do some Netflix binge watching why not make a day out of it and watch all of the film’s sequels and prequels all available on Netflix as well like From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money and From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter?

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  • Jeanne B

    Worst list ever.

    • lol, What would yours be? maybe we have different tastes.

  • StormRaging

    Still on the first page of the list but it would be nice to have a description without spoilers. Saying a movie has a twist is just a big of a spoiler as ruining the ending.

    • Agreed. I did try to give a synopsis without giving away the last act or important twists. Cause I agree. Spoilers suck.

  • Jardine Patten

    I skipped to see what the number one is… The Babadook is not on par with The Omen which is at number two. Hell, most of this list is fucking terrible. Did you just select the first twenty movies you saw on the list? Because there is no way that The Exorcist is not in the top 5. Rosemary’s Baby, Nightmare on Elm Street, Nightbreed, House of the Devil, Monsters, Let the Right One In, Prophecy, Hellraiser, Devil’s Rejects, Invasion of the Body Snatchers…

    You know what? Your list sucks ass. MAJOR ASS!

  • Brandon Hall

    I created an account to oppose the other people who have commented here. This list is filled, so far as I can tell, with Gold.The people below are just haters. A) The Babadook was a true masterpiece. B) Calling someone else’s list garbage is pathetic. This is his opinion of some free-to-view horror films.
    Thank you, Cameron. I will be watching some of these I’ve never given attention for sure.

    • Gracias!

    • James P

      “There’s films for every horror movie fan and you can be guaranteed these films are among the best Netflix horror movies available.”

      That sounds more matter of fact than an opinion.

      I agree with you on the other points, however.

    • Thank you!