20 Best Netflix Horror Movies

16. Dark Skies (2013)

Best for: Viewers looking for a bit of a sci-fi twist on the standard haunted house film.

dark_skies posterIf vampires and ghosts aren’t your thing then maybe aliens might be more your speed. In that case then Dark Skies is the best Netflix horror movie for you.

The Barrett’s are just a normal run of the mill family. They barbecue, they struggle to pay their bills, their house is haunted by an other worldly presence they can’t explain.

Really strange things keep happening around the Barrett’s house. Their refrigerator keeps opening up and spilling its contents onto the floor in the middle of the night. Their security alarm keeps getting triggered in the middle of the night. And for some reasons flocks of birds fly kamikaze style into their house an that’s just the beginning. Maddeningly, everything seem to happen with no plausible explanation. And when missing children come into the picture the stakes just keep getting raised.

Suffice it to say, let’s just say things will get worse for the Barrett’s before they get better.

Although Dark Skies is pretty low budget, even as far as horror movies go, the movie still gets a lot of mileage out of its’ scares. One of the movie’s strengths is that many of the creepy scenes are plausible and realistic. There are a million things that could go wrong with a security alarm and Dark Skies had me double checking mine to make sure it was working properly.

15. All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

Best for: 15 year old boys. If you like girls in panties, lesbian kissing scenes, comically horrible deaths, and hot vampire/zombie cheerleaders then this film is for you!

ALL-CHEERLEADERS-DIE-posterIt’s a thought I’ve had time and time again. Why doesn’t somebody take a film like Mean Girls and cross it with Pet Cemetery? And why not throw in a heavy dose of Bring It On for good measure?

Luckily for me that movie does finally exist in the form of All Cheerleaders Die.

A hilariously bloody cheesecake mess, All Cheerleaders Die is actually a remake of directors Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson’s own original 2001 film of the same name.

The film’s plot is all over the place but focuses on a pair of friends who join their school’s cheerleading squad amid a series of social backstabbings, cheating boyfriends, chauvinistic jocks, and a bunch of super funny gruesome deaths followed by magical resurrections, If you are a fan of camp and cheese you’ll love All Cheerleaders Die.

My only complaint is, why didn’t they make films like this back when I was a teenager? This film would have received heavy play on my friend’s VCR on sleepover weekends as it has everything a prepubescent teenage boy looks for in his horror movies. Boobs, butts, gore, and laughs.

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  • Jeanne B

    Worst list ever.

    • lol, What would yours be? maybe we have different tastes.

  • StormRaging

    Still on the first page of the list but it would be nice to have a description without spoilers. Saying a movie has a twist is just a big of a spoiler as ruining the ending.

    • Agreed. I did try to give a synopsis without giving away the last act or important twists. Cause I agree. Spoilers suck.

  • Jardine Patten

    I skipped to see what the number one is… The Babadook is not on par with The Omen which is at number two. Hell, most of this list is fucking terrible. Did you just select the first twenty movies you saw on the list? Because there is no way that The Exorcist is not in the top 5. Rosemary’s Baby, Nightmare on Elm Street, Nightbreed, House of the Devil, Monsters, Let the Right One In, Prophecy, Hellraiser, Devil’s Rejects, Invasion of the Body Snatchers…

    You know what? Your list sucks ass. MAJOR ASS!

  • Brandon Hall

    I created an account to oppose the other people who have commented here. This list is filled, so far as I can tell, with Gold.The people below are just haters. A) The Babadook was a true masterpiece. B) Calling someone else’s list garbage is pathetic. This is his opinion of some free-to-view horror films.
    Thank you, Cameron. I will be watching some of these I’ve never given attention for sure.

    • Gracias!

    • James P

      “There’s films for every horror movie fan and you can be guaranteed these films are among the best Netflix horror movies available.”

      That sounds more matter of fact than an opinion.

      I agree with you on the other points, however.

    • Thank you!