20 Best Netflix Horror Movies

8. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

Best for: If Twilight was made as an indie art house film, this would be it.

girl_walks_home_alone_at_night posterDestined to be a classic, A Girl Walks Alone At Night is a strange black and white foreign vampire film.

The plot is rather simple, a young Iranian man lives at home trying to take care of his heroin addicted father. The local drug dealing pimp in an attempt to get money back owed to him by the father takes the young man’s prized car. In order to get it back the young man steals a pair of diamond earnings and encounters a woman in a black cape who kills the pimp dead by biting his neck.

Later the young man dresses up as Dracula to attend a night club. He takes some bad ecstasy and ends up on the street where is he found and taken in by the mysterious woman in the black cape.  There they bond as the man recovers and the woman fights the temptation to feed on his tempting neck.

The mismatched love birds meet again the next night and despite the woman’s horrible past the young man is smitten by her and stands with her regardless of her history.

If only he could rid himself of his dead beat addicted father, they could be together forever…..

A Vampire Walks Home Alone At Night is one of the coolest horror movies to have come out lately. Like James Dean cool. The black and white cinematography really adds to the slick art house vibe. The film is a little comedic at times, often scary, but mostly enduring. If you end up streaming this indie gem you won’t be sorry.

7. Ravenous (1999)

Best for: Fans of westerns, quality actors and Gorillaz.

This little gem was criminally overlooked  when it was first released in theaters but still stands strong as a freaky horror flick of high quality that has gained a small cult following in recent years.

Set during the Mexican American War, the film centers on a remote outpost in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Captain John Boyd, a “hero” of the war arrives at his new post just in time to find a lone survivor from a lost wagon train stumble into the fort. Boyd promptly assembles a group of soldier to search for survivors amid tales of cannibalism. When they find the cave where the lost party took shelter Boyd realizes he’s been set up as the lone survivor kills Boyd’s men one by one. To escape Boyd jumps off a cliff to safety but breaks his leg in the process. Stranded and dying, Boyd too resorts to cannibalism as he devours the flesh of one of his slain men to stay alive and in so doing invokes the Native American story of the Wendigo, that when a man consumes the flesh of another he gains their power, but becomes possessed with a need to keep eating.

Boyd limps back to the fort only to find the survivor has taken over and has made a miraculous and compete recovery by making a stew of the unsuspecting soldiers still stationed there and intends to feast on the unending trickle of travelers who pass by the fort on their way through the mountains.

The cast for Ravenous is excellent and consists of Guy Pierce as, Captain Boyd and Robert Carlyle as the ravenous survivor, Ives. The remote military fort and western setting is a nice change of pace as far as horror movies go and really sets the movie apart from others in the genre. The basic premise of eating other humans in order to grow stronger gives some diabolic substance to the meaningless butchery often seen in other horror films.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the infectious soundtrack composed by Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz fame. Ravenous has what I can best describe as modernized folk music. It’s trippy. It’s eerie. The best music hands down of any film on this list.

Ravenous is easily one of the better horror films you can watch on Netflix.

Just don’t watch it on an empty stomach.

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  • Jeanne B

    Worst list ever.

    • lol, What would yours be? maybe we have different tastes.

  • StormRaging

    Still on the first page of the list but it would be nice to have a description without spoilers. Saying a movie has a twist is just a big of a spoiler as ruining the ending.

    • Agreed. I did try to give a synopsis without giving away the last act or important twists. Cause I agree. Spoilers suck.

  • Jardine Patten

    I skipped to see what the number one is… The Babadook is not on par with The Omen which is at number two. Hell, most of this list is fucking terrible. Did you just select the first twenty movies you saw on the list? Because there is no way that The Exorcist is not in the top 5. Rosemary’s Baby, Nightmare on Elm Street, Nightbreed, House of the Devil, Monsters, Let the Right One In, Prophecy, Hellraiser, Devil’s Rejects, Invasion of the Body Snatchers…

    You know what? Your list sucks ass. MAJOR ASS!

  • Brandon Hall

    I created an account to oppose the other people who have commented here. This list is filled, so far as I can tell, with Gold.The people below are just haters. A) The Babadook was a true masterpiece. B) Calling someone else’s list garbage is pathetic. This is his opinion of some free-to-view horror films.
    Thank you, Cameron. I will be watching some of these I’ve never given attention for sure.

    • Gracias!

    • James P

      “There’s films for every horror movie fan and you can be guaranteed these films are among the best Netflix horror movies available.”

      That sounds more matter of fact than an opinion.

      I agree with you on the other points, however.

    • Thank you!