20 Best Netflix Horror Movies

6. The Human Centipede (2009)

Best for: Those who aren’t easily shocked. Because you will be.

human_centipede posterIf you haven’t hard of The Human Centipede then take a moment to make sure you’re sitting down before reading further.

What is a human centipede you may ask? Imagine three people surgically stitched together, ass to mouth in a chain so they share the same digestive tract. Whatever the first person eats so too will the others as one person’s literal crap gets passed down the line for the others to eat and digest.

Yup. Somebody made an entire movie out of that.

To say The Human Centipede is disturbing doesn’t do the film justice. It’s nightmare inducing.

To take matters to the utmost extreme it’s not enough to simply sew the victims together mouth to ass they also have their teeth removed and their knees ligaments slashed to force them to crawl along in nothing but bandages. This is a film all about smashing through the barriers of poor taste and pushing limits.

If you haven’t seen The Human Centipede I don’t blame you. And if you do sit down to watch it don’t say I didn’t warn you.

5. The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

Best for: Paranormal Activity fans.

deborah logan posterIn the 80’s we had slasher flicks. In the 90’s there was teen centered horror like the Scream movies. The early 2000’s were all about snuf thanks to the Saw films and the 2010’s are the decade of found footage.

Low budget, easy to film found footage movies the likes of The Blair Witch Project and of course Paranormal Activity are hugely popular these days because they seem real. Be it the first person point of view, the ad lib nature of many of them, or the similarities they share with reality TV, the genre is all the rage these days.

That said, The Taking of Deborah Logan is one of the best found footage films around.

Deborah Logan is an elderly Alzheimer’s patient and the subject of a documentary about her condition. Deborah is not your ordinary patient however as the documentary crew quickly realize many of Deborah’s behaviors defy explanation. Fearing she may be possessed as a result of a demonic ritual gone wrong, the crew try to help Deborah, now hospitalized, but fail. Deborah soon escapes and kidnaps a young girl to take part in the final act of the ritual sacrifice. A sacrifice I can only describe as…. incredibly odd.

The film is strange, unnerving, incredibly well shot for a found footage film, and will scare you. Especially that sacrifice scene. Jesus. It has very few flaws and is strong all the way around. More than worthy of a Netflix horror movie night.

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  • Jeanne B

    Worst list ever.

    • lol, What would yours be? maybe we have different tastes.

  • StormRaging

    Still on the first page of the list but it would be nice to have a description without spoilers. Saying a movie has a twist is just a big of a spoiler as ruining the ending.

    • Agreed. I did try to give a synopsis without giving away the last act or important twists. Cause I agree. Spoilers suck.

  • Jardine Patten

    I skipped to see what the number one is… The Babadook is not on par with The Omen which is at number two. Hell, most of this list is fucking terrible. Did you just select the first twenty movies you saw on the list? Because there is no way that The Exorcist is not in the top 5. Rosemary’s Baby, Nightmare on Elm Street, Nightbreed, House of the Devil, Monsters, Let the Right One In, Prophecy, Hellraiser, Devil’s Rejects, Invasion of the Body Snatchers…

    You know what? Your list sucks ass. MAJOR ASS!

  • Brandon Hall

    I created an account to oppose the other people who have commented here. This list is filled, so far as I can tell, with Gold.The people below are just haters. A) The Babadook was a true masterpiece. B) Calling someone else’s list garbage is pathetic. This is his opinion of some free-to-view horror films.
    Thank you, Cameron. I will be watching some of these I’ve never given attention for sure.

    • Gracias!

    • James P

      “There’s films for every horror movie fan and you can be guaranteed these films are among the best Netflix horror movies available.”

      That sounds more matter of fact than an opinion.

      I agree with you on the other points, however.

    • Thank you!