Ten Best Movie Trailers



10. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Without a doubt Terminator 2 is on of the best action movies ever made. Without question, it’s proven itself as the epitome of the action movie genre in the 90’s. So it makes sense that the trailer for the film is also the epitome of 90’s movie trailers.

If I could use one word to describe the 90’s it would have to be extreme. Since Terminator 2 came out early in the decade perhaps it’s only proper to blame the extremeness of the era on this film and it’s trailer. I mean, just look at it. The trailer opens with a metallic human skull grinning in fire. The whole time, dark industrial music contentiously hammers away in the background while that stereotypical announcer guy voice throws hardcore slogans at you about how everything is the same and different this time around. Then there are plenty of shots of Arnold AND Linda Hamilton in full bad ass mode.

And then all hell brakes loose. A semi truck comes crashing out of nowhere into a canal! Gatling guns and Arnold bursting through a wall! Explosions. Harley Davidson motorcycles! Shotguns and grenade launchers! The T-1000 is some kind of unstoppable mercury morphing stabbing death machine! A police motorcycle jumping out an office window! And to top that a police helicopter ramming an armored van! Explosions! Explosions! And more explosions!


The trailer is really just about the exact amount of crazy you’d expect from a movie about two killer robots trying to kill each other. And even though it does give a lot of the big set action pieces away they shots are so quick, and they go on for so long in the movie, that not much ends up getting spoiled. They only work to amp you up more for the film which delivers on everything shown in it’s trailer and more.

I’ve seen the movie a hundred times and I still want to sit down and watch it for the hundred and first time after seeing this trailer again.

FUN FACT:  Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid 15 million for his role of the Terminator and his 700 words of dialog. Broken down, he was paid $21,429 per word. “Hasta la vista, baby” cost $85,716.

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  • Don Riblett

    My favorite trailer, “The Story of Us”, a movie on it’s own. My least favorite. “Star Trek III The Search for Spock”. You don’t show the Enterprise on fire and eventually explode, and then burn up in the planet’s atmosphere in the trailer. Who’s idea was that?

    • Yeah, I hate when trailers give away key movie scenes. What I would love is for directors to make trailers with 100% new footage. Gives nothing away.