Ten Best Movie Trailers


9. The Avengers (2012)

Although we all may be used to seeing all of Marvel’s big screen heroes on the big screen together and not blink an eye these days, back when this trailer hit it was a BIG deal. Hulk sized big. Maybe bigger.

Since 2008’s Iron Man, Marvel Studios had been laying the ground work for an eventual Avengers movie. First, by taking the biggest character’s from their comic’s and establishing them each with a movie or two of their own before throwing them all together in a giant cinematic shared universe blockbuster extravaganza. It was a wild and crazy idea. A fanboy’s dream come true. And this trailer was the first time audiences got to see Tony Stark, Cap, Thor, and the Hulk all together on the same screen.

2012 wasn’t that long ago and I still feel like pinching myself knowing I live in world where the Avengers exists as a movie, even after the amazing sequel.

The trailer opens with poor New York apparently under siege as explosions rip through the city while Nick Fury narrates about the need to bring together a group of remarkable people to fight the battle humanity never could by itself. There’s a lot of shots of the individual Avengers brooding or looking bad ass in slo mo. Nearly a minute of buildup passes before the trailer finally gives us the goods. Tony, Cap, Thor , Bruce Banner, Black Widow, and Hawkeye fully assembled as a team.

It’s pure awesomeness.

Even better is the fact that the trailer shows glimpses that everyone’s favorite heros may not actually get along. Cap and Tony exchange a tense verbal stare down to later be followed by a shot of Thor dropping the hammer of Captain America in the woods. More explosions, an Avengers quinjet, and a little bit of Loki while “We’re in This Together” by Nine Inch Nails blares in the background. Finally the trailer ends on a humors note with Tony getting in a quick jab at Bruce Banner followed by our first look at the Hulk screaming out in wild anger.

Besides the fact that New York seems to be under attack and it’s up to the Avengers to save the day the trailer doesn’t give any other plot details away. It doesn’t need to. Everybody knows just seeing all the Marvel heroes together is enough as that’s all anybody wants to see.

The Avengers is an amazing trailer that not only reset the stage for all the Marvel movies to come, but left studios around Hollywood scrambling to establish their own shared universes of connected movies or else get left in Marvel’s dust.

FUN FACT: The production name for The Avengers was “Group Hug”.

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  • Don Riblett

    My favorite trailer, “The Story of Us”, a movie on it’s own. My least favorite. “Star Trek III The Search for Spock”. You don’t show the Enterprise on fire and eventually explode, and then burn up in the planet’s atmosphere in the trailer. Who’s idea was that?

    • Yeah, I hate when trailers give away key movie scenes. What I would love is for directors to make trailers with 100% new footage. Gives nothing away.