Ten Best Movie Trailers

spider-man 3

6. Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Let me just say right away, Spider-Man 3 is NOT a good movie. It’s downright terrible I’d argue and I don’t think there are too many out there who would disagree with me on that issue. It’s too bloated with unnecessary side stories and characters. The action scenes don’t quite live up to the excellent sequences from Spider-Man 2. The black suit and Venom were butchered. Mary Jane is a mega bitch, Topher Grace was horribly miscast. Venom. Emo peter Parker.

And when you watch the trailer you’ll see none of that. Taken by itself, the trailer for Spider-Man 3 is epic, heavy, and isn’t afraid to dangle the consequences of two movies worth of story lines in your face. After two excellent movies worth of character arcs Spider-Man has been embraced by New York City as a hero. Peter is finally ready to pop MJ the big question with ominous implications. After all these years Uncle Ben’s real killer has been identified and he’s a dead ringer for the Sandman. (Thomas Hayden Church kills it here in performance and appearance) The action looks insane as Spider-Man adopts his famous black suit and gets angry, stronger, and darker. And to top it off, Peter and best friend Harry finally go at it after the cliffhanger of Spider-Man 2 when Harry finds the goblin serum used by his father to become the Hobgoblin. It all looks and feels insane.

Coming off the excellence of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 it really looked like Spider-Man 3 might buck the trend of that dreaded third sequel curse and end up as the best of director Sam Raimi’s trilogy. Each movie broke records at the box office and were solid movies in their own right. For Spider-Man 3 the hype and expectations were high. Maybe impossibly high looking back.

I know many people consider the trailer for the first Spider-Man movie to be, ahem, superior, because it was their first chance to see Spidey on the big screen and nobody quite knew what to expect back in 2002, but I’ll still take the Spider-Man 3 trailer any day when it comes to building up my expectations and making me excited to actually go and see the movie.

Sadly, I just wish the final movie ended up being more like the one we were given in the trailer.

FUN FACT: All of Kristen Dunst’s screams in Spider-Man 3 are recycled sound bites from Spider-Man 2.

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  • Don Riblett

    My favorite trailer, “The Story of Us”, a movie on it’s own. My least favorite. “Star Trek III The Search for Spock”. You don’t show the Enterprise on fire and eventually explode, and then burn up in the planet’s atmosphere in the trailer. Who’s idea was that?

    • Yeah, I hate when trailers give away key movie scenes. What I would love is for directors to make trailers with 100% new footage. Gives nothing away.