Ten Best Movie Trailers


5. Watchmen (2009)

Based on the hugely popular and measurably influential DC comic book graphic novel, Watchmen ended up being about as good a movie that could be made based on the hugely complex story be legendary writer Alan Moore. For years, the property bounced around Hollywood trying, and constantly failing, to get green lighted for production. many believed the comic was straight up unfilmable and could never translate well enough to the big screen to do it the justice it deserved. Until Zach Synder stepped up to the plate and took it upon himself to make the movie as true as it could be to the source material. Opening to mixed reviews, some people thought Watchmen was an amazing masterpiece, one of the best comic book movies ever made, while others thought the movie was lackluster.

But what you cannot deny is the film makes for an awesome trailer.

According to Watchmen, making a kick ass trailer is actually easy if you follow this simple recipe.

1. Find a moody song with a catchy riff. In this case “The Beginning Is the End” by the Smashing Pumpkins.

2. Play everything in slow motion.

3. Add in some violence and sex appeal when applicable to taste.

3. Pretend you’re making a music video instead of a movie trailer and you’ll be golden.

That’s it. Just remember that this recipe only works when making movie trailers and not actual movies as Zach Snyder clearly forgot when he followed Watchmen up with Sucker Punch two years later.

FUN FACT: All of the U.S. flags in the movie have 51 stars, because in Watchmen’s alternate history, Vietnam has become the 51st state after America won the Vietnam War.

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  • Don Riblett

    My favorite trailer, “The Story of Us”, a movie on it’s own. My least favorite. “Star Trek III The Search for Spock”. You don’t show the Enterprise on fire and eventually explode, and then burn up in the planet’s atmosphere in the trailer. Who’s idea was that?

    • Yeah, I hate when trailers give away key movie scenes. What I would love is for directors to make trailers with 100% new footage. Gives nothing away.