Ten Coolest Star Wars spaceships


4. Millennium Falcon

Few ships are as iconic in Star Wars, hell cinema in general, than the Millennium Falcon. Yet it only makes it to number four on this list. Don’t get me wrong, the Falcon is cool. But when your original design was based on a bitten cheeseburger with an olive for a cockpit you can only go so high. By all appearances the Millennium Falcon is just another run of the mill YT-13000 freighter which just about makes it the Star Wars equivalent of a semi truck. It’s really just a transport even though we all know this ship has it where it counts. Almost a hundred years old at Return of the Jedi, the Falcon has a long and storied history that comes with a long list of owners and name changes. Some old name gems being Second Chance, Wayward Son, Jackpot, and Gone to Pieces. Eventually it fell into the smooth hands of one Lando Calrissian who prized the ship so much he used it as a poker chip during a bad beat at space poker, loosing it to Han Solo. Already heavily modified when Solo took ownership, he modded it some more by upgrading the ship’s armor, weapons, engines, and sensors. And those modifications are what makes the Falcon so cool. It’s like an unassuming street racer. It looks completely bland and stock on the outside, but pop the hood and you’ll see that custom chromed out hot rod engine that has no business being in there. And that’s why you don’t want to race for pinks against the Millennium Falcon. It will flat out smoke you as it’s one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. How else could you successfully out run Imperial Star Destroyers time and time again? But what I love about the Falcon is the way it sounds. That low guttural thumping sound when it flies by, which came from a slowed down recording of a P-51’s engine, is almost as iconic as the ship itself. The ship is even semi-sentient as Han hardwired several droid brains into the ship’s central computer to help keep the ship automated.  However the ship’s true calling is in smuggling as all that speed and firepower were added to help it transport illicit cargo in one of it’s many hidden compartments. Be it spice, elderly Jedi, death sticks, or literal illegal aliens. The ship is so OP it can even mix it up with starfighters and come out on top. Quad laser cannon turrets on the top and bottom could be fixed to fire forward or independently if manned turning the falcon into a gunship.  The Falcon was instrumental in blowing up the first Death Star and was personally responsible for blowing up the second as it flew inside the freaking thing and blew it up from the inside out. Seriously, go watch the attack on the second Death Star again. Who in their right mind thought it’d be a good idea to send the Falcon into those Death Star tunnels in the first place? It’s like flying a square peg into a round hole. Over and over again. Not bad for a Star Wars space truck.

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  • Darwich

    No love for the Decimator or the Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor?

    • Cameron

      No. No love at all. I love TIE fighters and all but how many times do you have to copy TIE fighters before coming up with something new to bring to the table?

  • Raúl L. Conde Vieyra

    No fucking Ebon Hawk ????

    • If there is ever a second list, rest assured, it will surely be on there. 😉

  • Terry La France

    No Star Destroyers but a bunch of stuff that’s not even in the movies? Lame lame lame.

  • Conspiracyin559

    Talking about Star Wars Spaceships without including Star Destroyers…perhaps the most iconic film/Fantasy Stars ship ever after Enterprise..is like talking about The Bible without Mentioning friggin Jesus.