Top Ten Samurai Films


4. 13 Assassins

Master filmmaker Takashi Miike returns to this list with the awe inspiring Samurai movie 13 Assassins. Miike is primarily known for his gratuitous horror films such as Ichi the Killer and here in 13 Assassins that horror hand can certainly be felt. This is a bloody film. There’s dismemberments galore. The big, messy showdown at the end of the movie is everything an action lover could want. Everything leading up to that though, is where this film shines. The smaller character moments, the bigger message of disobedience vs duty and honor give a greater significance to the violence at the very end of the film. We don’t get a series of big, bloody action set pieces, but rather Miike is restrained enough to save it all for the end. Of all the more recent Samurai films made, this is most definitely one of the best.

Fun Facts:

  • A 2014 poll placed this film as 94th on the list of Top 100 action films
  • A remake of the 1963 film Jûsan-nin no shikaku
  • The final, perfectly choreographed battle runs a full 45 minutes


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  • steve hubbell

    Top 10 Samurai films (sort of) listed by release date rather than arbitrary ranking

    1. Seven Samurai (Kurosawa 1954)
    2. Yojimbo (Kurosawa 1962) / Sanjuro (Kurosawa 1963)
    3. Hara Kiri (Kobayashi 1962)
    4. Three Outlaw Samurai (Gosha 1963)
    5. Revenge (Imai 1964)
    6. Sword of the Beast (Gosha 1965)
    7. The Sword of Doom (Okamoto 1966)
    8. Samurai Rebellion (Kobayashi 1967)
    9. Kill! (Okamoto 1968)
    10. Goyokin (Gosha 1969)

    Honorable Mentions….

    11. Thirteen Assassins (Kudo 1963)
    12. The Great Killing (Kudo 1964)
    13. Eleven Samurai (Kudo 1966)
    14. Incident at Blood Pass (Inagaki 1970)

    No remakes, no Hollywood imitations, no animation, just the cream of the crop of samurai films available in the US on officially released DVDs with English subtitles.

    • Going old school I see. Nice list!

    • Niels Koomans


  • Good Man

    Is this list a joke?