10 Obscure Star Wars Facts

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8. There was supposed to be a NSYNC cameo in Attack of the Clones

In 2001 it was hard to find two things hotter than Star Wars and mega boy band, NSYNC.

George Lucas was deep into filming Attack of the Clones, the 2nd film in the new prequel trilogy and N’Sync was deep into promoting their third album, Celebrity.

In what George Lucas must have thought would would have been a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup moments of galactic proportions, he decided to take two great things and make them even better by combining them both.

“Hey! You got Star Wars in my NYSYNC!”

“No! You got NYSYNC in my Star Wars!”

“Wait a minute! You know who would like this? Nobody!”

According to Joey and Steven Fatone, the members of the band were asked to cameo in the film to appease the daughters of Lucas and producer Rick McCallum who wanted their favorite man banders to appear in their fathers new film. Members Lance bass and Justin Timberlake refused citing tiredness from extensive touring at the time (or quite possibly common sense) but the Fatone’s, JC Chasez, and Chris Kirkpatrick rushed to Industrial Light and Magic when given the chance to shoot for the new film.

The band filmed two scenes in full Jedi garb. In the first it appears they were to have battled against the droid army in the Geonosis arena while the second had them chilling in the background of the Jedi temple.

Thankfully the scenes were cut and never made it into the film, sparing all of us action figures of the band that would have been inevitably sold.

All bets are off on the boys waving “Bye Bye Bye” with lightsabers in hand when the inevitable extended edition of Attack of the Clones comes out many years from now.

Did you know? Joey Fatone may have survived the cut. According to Fatone, his Jedi character was supposed to have sported a blue lightsaber, had a bald head except for a mohawk, and fought with poor lightsaber skills. Careful examination of Attack of the Clones by members of the Huffington Post have discovered a Jedi in the background of the battle on Geonosis that appears to indeed by Jedi Fatone.

Joey Fatone Star Wars

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  • James

    Here is another fun fact: the exhaust port WAS shielded. xD They had ray shields, which stopped laser cannon fire. That’s why they had to use proton torpedoes, which were much harder to use.

    • I didn’t know that! That’s a good one and a valid #11 fact! 😉 Thanks!