10 Obscure Star Wars Facts


2. Ewoks eat people

Num Num.

Let that sink in for a second. Why do you think those supposedly cute and cuddly Ewoks strung up and Han and Luke on a spit above an open fire. Just what do you think happened to those poor stormtroopers who had their helmets turned into bongo drums during the after party of the second Death Star’s destruction? How come no Imperial prisoners are ever seen after the Battle ends in the forest of Endor?

Did the Rebels know this was happening? There’s no way they would have been ok with watching their fellow man become devoured by rabid teddy bears, even if they were Imperials. No way you’re thinking. The Rebels would never let such a horrific thing happen.

But, I ask you, how could they not? General Solo himself was a levitating C-3P0 away from becoming an Ewok main course. They had to see, or least hear the fate that awaited those poor stormtroopers in the back of the woods behind the Ewok village. They knew, and they were compliant, because they were afraid of becoming next.


Look at those uneasy smiles, Lando especially, as the true horror of their situation sinks in. Trapped and surrounded by an entire village of ravenous predatory bears. Waiting for the remains of the Rebel fleet to come and rescue them, their minds no doubt still in a state of shock and full of fear.

So you see, Ewoks get a bad rap. They are perhaps, the most vile creatures in all of the Star Wars films. And should be right up there with other horror creature mainstays of the 80’s like the Gremlins, Ghoulies and Critters.

Did you know? Although everybody knows what an Ewok is, they are never mentioned specifically by name by anybody in Return of the Jedi.

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  • James

    Here is another fun fact: the exhaust port WAS shielded. xD They had ray shields, which stopped laser cannon fire. That’s why they had to use proton torpedoes, which were much harder to use.

    • I didn’t know that! That’s a good one and a valid #11 fact! 😉 Thanks!