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80 Ultimate Facts About James Cameron’s Aliens

Aliens was released on July 18, 1986 by 20th Century Fox.

– Runtime: 137 minutes

– The film had a budget of 17.5 million dollars and made 180 million at the box office.

Aliens is the highest grossing film in the Aliens franchise and one of the highest grossing R rated films of all time.

– Director James Cameron’s third movie.

-The movie stars Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, Micheal Biehn as Corporal Dwayne Hicks, Paul Reiser as Carter Burke, Bill Paxton as Private Hudson, and Lance Henriksen as Bishop.

– When Cameron pitched the movie to Fox executives he simply wrote the word Alien on a chalkboard. Then he wrote an S on the end of it, followed by two dramatic slashes through it to make a $ sign. The studio greenlit the project that same day.

– Cameron was hired to write the script for Aliens on the same day he was hired to write Rambo: First Blood Part II.


– The Vietnam War has a heavy influence on the film as Cameron envisioned the movie being about a technically superior and cocky military defeated and frustrated by an unseen enemy in a hostile environment.

– After he was hired to direct the film Cameron took time off to film The Terminator. Instead of pursuing other directors to move the project forward Fox waited for Cameron to finish.

– James Cameron married producer Gale Anne Hurd during production.

– Before signing on to Aliens, Sigourney Weaver had rejected numerous offers to reprise Ripley in potential sequels to Alien but turned them all down as she was afraid poorly written sub-par sequels would harm the legacy of the original film.

– Sigourney Weaver would reprise the character of Ellen Ripley in future sequels. Alien 3, and Alien: Resurrection.

James Cameron Aliens

– With contract negotiations with Weaver to return faltered Fox execs asked Cameron to write a script without Ripley. Cameron refused as he believed the series was all about the character.

– Sigourney Weaver was paid 1 million dollars for the sequel. 30 times what she was paid in the original movie.

– Weaver was nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award for the film. The first ever for a female in an action role.

– Weaver was originally disturbed the military themes of the movie. She avoided seeing movies with guns and even donated money to anti-gun lobbies.

– She nicknamed Ripley, “Rambolina” in the film because of her warrior nature.

– There was a massive walk out of the crew on set due to high tensions revolving around a distrust of James Cameron. His first film, The Terminator hadn’t been released yet and many of the crew questioned if Cameron knew what he was doing.

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