Ultimate Facts: The Room


Ultimate Facts: The Room

The Room was released on June 27, 2003 in Los Angeles.

– Runtime: 99 minutes

– Produced by Wiseau-Films.

– Written and directed by Tommy Wiseau.

– Entertainment Weekly has called the Room the Citizen Kane of bad movies. Many other publications have declared it as one of the worst films ever made.

– After a very limited theatrical run, the film has become popular as a “midnight movie,” with a cult following. Audience members dress up as the characters, throw plastic spoons at the screen, and toss footballs to each other. Tommy Wiseau attends many screenings, and holds Q&A sessions with the audience.

– As The Room as achieved cult status Tommy Wiseau has since re-branded it as a black comedy, claiming the film’s awfulness was all intentional.

the room cast

– The Room stars Tommy Wiseau as Tommy, Greg Sestero as Mark, Juliette Danielle as Lisa, and Phillip Haldman as Denny.

– Juliette Danielle was originally cast as Michelle. When the original actress cast as Lisa was fired, Danielle offered to take over the role and won it after several other actresses auditioned.

– Philip Haldiman, who was one of the oldest members of the cast, played the youngest character, Denny.

– According to Tommy Wiseau, Denny does have some sort of mental disorder, which explains his behavior in the film. Philip Haldiman was not told about this.

chris r the room

– Dan Janjigian, who played Chris R., stayed in character during his entire time on set, resulting in the other actors being genuinely scared of him.

– Originally, Chris R was going to be played by Scott Holmes, who already played Mike, wearing a hat and glasses. Holmes convinced Tommy Wiseau to give the role to his roommate, Dan Janjigian, whose performance so impressed Wiseau that he thought about writing more scenes for Chris-R, but never did.

– Dan Janjigian was the only actor in the cast with no acting experience. He was a motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur.

– Tommy Wiseau actually annoyed Dan Janjigian between takes. His onscreen anger is genuine.


– Greg Sestero, who played Mark, wrote a critically acclaimed book about his friendship with Tommy Wiseau and his experiences making the film entitled “The Disaster Artist.” The book was published in 2013, the 10th anniversary of the film’s premiere.

– Greg Sestero stated in his book The Disaster Artist that Tommy Wiseau took 32 takes to say the lines “It’s not true! I did not hit her! It’s bullshit! I did not. Oh, hi, Mark!” Wiseau sometimes needed cue cards to help him with his lines.

– Tommy Wiseau claims to have financed the film by importing and selling leather jackets from Korea. He refuses to further elaborate on this.

– The Room had a reported budget of 6 million dollars.

– Most of The Room’s budget was spent on production and marketing. Tommy Wiseau has claimed that the reason the film was relatively expensive was because many members of the cast and crew had to be replaced, and each of the cast members had several understudies.

the room cameras

– The Room was shot simultaneously on 35 mm film and high-definition video. Tommy Wiseau was confused about the differences between the formats, so he used both cameras on the same mount. He also purchased the cameras, instead of renting them as film productions usually do.

– Filming took over six months. In that time, two cinematographers (along with their crews) resigned and three actors left, being either recast or replaced with a completely different character.

– Drew Caffrey, who is credited as an executive producer and casting agent, died in 1999, three years before production began.

– According to Juliette Danielle, when Tommy Wiseau said the line “In a few minutes, bitch,” everyone on the set began laughing at him. Wiseau came out of the bathroom and demanded to know what was so funny.

– The phrase “Oh, hi” is spoken nine times, and “Oh, hey” seven times.

– There are seven mentions of Johnny and Mark being best friends. Often at screenings of the film, attendees loudly count these mentions.

– Lisa says, “I don’t wanna talk about it” five times: twice to Claudette, once to Johnny, once to Michelle and Steven collectively, and once to Michelle only.

– The phrases “future wife” and “future husband” are spoken thrice and once, respectively, but neither “fiancee” nor “fiance” is.

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  • Alishajr

    Amazing movie, it’s truly a masterpiece and Tommy Wiseau is genius. Each time when I watch the movie I just wonder how is this possible, I mean each scene is so worst that will shock you. I am such a huge fan of The Room that I even boutght this hilarious you re tearing me apart Lisa t shirt